Art Meets Science: Charcoal and Watercolor Seahorses

a seahorse drawn in charcoal with blue watercolor around it title=
a seahorse drawn in charcoal with blue watercolor around it
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Saturday, January 16, 2021 - 15:00

Expand your art skills and science knowledge from the comfort of your own home. In each class in the Art Meets Science series, we brush up on some cool science and then introduce new art media and techniques with a fun interactive workshop. Supplies are available for curbside pickup at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History or can be shipped to you (registration closes earlier for participants requiring shipments).

Dive into the fascinating world of the Giant Pacific Seahorse with marine scientist and Sea Center Volunteer and Interpretation Manager Sam Macks Franz, M.M.A. Learn about the unique anatomy of seahorses, how they reproduce, and the cute way these nozzle-noses vacuum up their food! Then follow along with artist Hilary George to draw your own seahorse postcard, using charcoal a splash of watercolor.

Supplies provided: watercolor brush, charcoal pencil, two watercolor paper postcards, practice paper, selected Koi watercolor pigments in paint palette, and washi tape.

$25 Museum and Sea Center Members, $35 non-members

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Purchase by January 9 for local shipping or January 14 for local pick-up of supplies.

This event is part of the Sea Center’s virtual Underwater Parks Day celebration. Check out the whole program at

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