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An Evening of Life Changing Stories & Music with Sacred Medicine – Three Powerful Perspectives On How You Can awaken Your Creativity and Authentic Self

July 20, 2019 @ 6:30 am PDT

Yoga and 5-MeO-DMT: Complementary Paths to Samadhi | Joël Brierre

EntheoMedicine presents Yoga Master / Entheogen Facilitator Joël Brierre, music performer / composer / storyteller Tony Moss and anthropologist / author Jerry B. Brown, PhD. as they share their stories of profound healing, self-discovery and transformation using Psychedelics and Entheogens. It will also include live music composed by Tony Moss. The event is open to the public and will take place at Unity of Santa Barbara at 227 E. Arrellaga St. on Saturday, July 20th, 2019, from 6:30 to 9:30PM.

Join Yogi and medicine man Joël Brierre on a journey through the depths of consciousness. He will discuss how the 5-MeO-DMT experience relates to Samadhi or enlightenment and what this means for the everyday householder. Joël will share wisdom from the ancient Vedic scriptures that can help prepare the body and mind for this experience, as well as yogic techniques to assist in grounding the experience into your daily life.

Music and Entheogens: Pivotal Role in Shamanic, Entheogenic and Therapeutic Practice | Tony Moss

It’s now widely accepted that the trauma of our ancestors is stored in our DNA, with myriad scientific studies demonstrating that ancestors of traumatized populations experience greater physical and mental health challenges. there is growing evidence that Ayahuasca can heal trauma embedded into one’s epigenetics, getting to the root of deep and lingering issues often resistant to more traditional therapies. This neuroplasticity engendered by Ayahuasca presents incredible potential for healing individuals and populations burdened with the collective traumas of history. In this talk, Tony will share how confronting his own ancestral and identity-related trauma resulted in a journey of transformation. He will also discuss the transformations he has witnessed during his 25 years of work in the Ayahuasca space and why the incorporation of music in ceremonial contexts is crucial to this healing process, and this talk will present both his evidence for this assumption along with the music he will play live.

Psychedelics for Passion and Purpose | Jerry B. Brown, Ph.D.

This presentation explores how psychedelics can reveal our soul’s innermost purpose. It is based on entheogenic experiences that were seminal in helping speaker Jerry B. Brown, Ph.D. find a passionate calling; in giving him the courage to choose love over fear; and in providing the catalyst for transcending a deep depression.

3 Speakers:

The first speaker, Joël Brierre will share his journey from nearly hopeless drug addiction to renowned Yoga Master and personal Awakening via his yogic practices along with the Entheogen 5-MeO-DMT. In addition to owning several Yoga studios, he leads retreats and workshops around the world on the plant medicine and how yoga can help integrate Entheogenic experiences for lasting benefit.

Second speaker Tony Moss will share his powerful story on how he healed deep-seated childhood and ancestral trauma through his very first Ayahuasca ceremony. He and another performer will play music he composed while under the influence of Ayahuasca. He is a visual and recording artist, event producer, and founder of I.AM.LIFE, a non-profit event production project focused on inter-connectivity.

Third speaker Jerry B. Brown, Ph.D will share how he successfully overcame deep depression via Entheogenic experiences. From 1972 to 2014, he served as founding professor of anthropology at Florida International University, where he designed and taught a course on “Hallucinogens and Culture.” He is coauthor with Julie M. Brown of “The Psychedelic Gospels: The Secret History of Hallucinogens in Christianity” (2016).

“This event is the first time we have featured three renowned speakers who share their transformative experiences through vulnerable storytelling and music. Attendees will enjoy a rich and entertaining evening filled with joy, hope, and possibility. says EntheoMedicine Founder Jacqueline Lopez.

There will be a Q&A, networking and book-signing period following the talks. Online General Admission is $30 / Students $15. Tickets can be purchased at EntheoMedicine.org. Proceeds from this event will help fund the expansion of EntheoMedicine community meetings.

EntheoMedicine Events is the first of its kind hosting prominent speakers in Santa Barbara about the science-based therapeutic and spiritual benefits of Entheogens. EntheoMedicine is a community gathering that share a collective interest to cultivate awareness of Entheogenic plants and their existing and potential roles in contemporary society. Learn more at EntheoMedicine.org.

For questions regarding events contact EntheoMedicine Founder, Jacqueline Lopez Jacqueline@entheomedicine.org Learn more https://entheomedicine.org

WHERE/WHEN: Unity of Santa Barbara | July 20th, 2019 | 6:30 – 9:30PM Reserve Your Seat https://ssm.ticketspice.com/entheomedicine-190720


July 20, 2019
6:30 am PDT


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