After Religion, Then What? Enlightenment Values

After Religion, Then What? Enlightenment Values title=
After Religion, Then What? Enlightenment Values
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Saturday, May 16, 2020 - 15:00


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Saturday May 16, 3pm
Armin Navabi, atheist activist.
After Religion, Then What? Enlightenment Values

About Armin Navabi was raised as a Shia Muslim in Tehran and was taught in school that hell was real and that, once he turned 15 (the age of reason for Muslim boys), his sins would land him in hell for all eternity, so at age 12 he attempted suicide as a strategy to avoid the fate of hell.  To atone for the distress this caused his family, he became a very devout Muslim teen but started having doubts while studying molecular biology at the University of Tehran. 

He read a life-changing book on the history of religion in college: "I saw how convenient it was to change the concept of god and what he wanted based on the politics of the time.  Why do I even accept this as true? I'd never asked myself whether this could all just be made up." 

In 2012, Armin founded Atheist Republic, a global on-line community with “consulates” all over the world.  He also co-hosts (with April 2017 HSSB speaker, Dr. Ali Rizvi) the Secular Jihadists for Muslim Enlightenment (SJME) podcast.  Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with someone who continues to put his life on the line to fight for human rights and the rights of atheists worldwide. Zoom URL:


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