2018 International Permaculture Day in Santa Barbara, CA

2018 International Permaculture Day in Santa Barbara, CA title=
2018 International Permaculture Day in Santa Barbara, CA
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Sunday, May 6, 2018 - 14:00

Every year Permaculture organizations from around the world celebrate International Permaculture Day in May with special events and projects.
Please join Santa Barbara Permaculture Network, on May 6th, as we celebrate in our community by sharing our recent experiences at the 2017 International Permaculture Conference & Convergence (IPC) in India. 
The International Permaculture Convergences (IPC’s) that take place every two years in different parts of the world, continue to grow in size.  IPC India had over 1000 participants from 63 countries, for an incredible diversity of ideas, from a wide diversity of countries & regions, creating a huge diversity of solutions.  Permaculture projects and work were shared from around the world.  
It was the 30th Anniversary of Permaculture in India, and attracted both international, but also local and regional speakers, media, policy makers, and government officials.  Students from local area schools in the region were invited, and came in large numbers.  
The IPC India host organization, Aranya Agricultural Alternatives,  brought attendees & speakers from all parts of India, including hundreds of women farmers, as one of the important themes was Women as Agents of Change.  Vandana Shiva was the keynote speaker.   
Learn about future IPC’s, the next one will take place in Argentina in 2020, near a beautiful UNESCO National Park, in the northern part of Argentina. 
The event will be both indoor & outdoors, on Sunday May 6, 2-5pm, at the South Coast Watershed Center at the Arroyo Burro County Park (Hendry’s), 2981 Cliff Drive, SB, CA 93109, no reservation required.  Bring a brown bag lunch or favorite Indian potluck dish/appetizers for an informal picnic following indoor talk.  Children welcome!
For more information, www.sbpermaculture.org, or margie@sbpermaculture.org

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 IPC India, 2017: 
Future International Permaculture Convergence will be in Argentina in 2020, location, near Iguazu Falls National Park, a UNESCO Heritage site

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