Enriched Kids Launching Outdoor School in September

Enriched Kids Launching Outdoor School in September
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Enriched Kids, a Santa Barbara-based business offering summer camps and downloadable enrichment modules for families is launching a new outdoor school in Santa Barbara in September. Enriched Kids Outdoor School is for homeschooled children in first through fourth grades which blends Montessori, Waldorf and Forest School concepts in an entirely outdoor setting. The program has a 4:1 child to facilitator ratio and provides a rich environment that encourages child-led learning.

The crux of the program focuses on rotating Curiosity Stations, where children choose their own adventures each day, selecting from open activities in the areas of nature studies, wilderness skills, arts and crafts, games and free play, health and nutrition, music, social and emotional learning, reading, practical math and more.

Enriched Kids Outdoor School offers one, two or three day per week packages, with classes taking place on Wednesdays at Douglas Preserve, on Thursdays at Tucker’s Grove, and on Fridays at Steven’s Park from 9:30 am - 2:30 pm. The first twelve-week session will run September 8 - December 10, 2021. Pricing and further information is available at https://enrichedkids.us/outdoor-school.

“Based on the success of our Summer Nature Camps and the feedback from our friends in the homeschooling community, we have made the decision to further extend our services and develop a year round program to bring this type of learning to life for students during the school year as well,” says Enriched Kids Founder Tracy Thomas. “We look forward to helping children thrive by evoking wonder, fostering curiosity, enhancing social and emotional growth, and focusing on the development of the whole child.”

Enriched Kids is a Santa Barbara, CA-based educational business that creates and delivers enrichment curriculum for children and families seeking activities that create learning and connection outside of the elementary classroom. Focused on nature studies, character development, arts and crafts, and health and nutrition, our programs and products bring families closer to each other and the world around them through fun, enriching, edutainment content. Visit us online at https://enrichedkids.us to learn more.
CONTACT: Tracy Thomas (805) 895-2110 or tracy@enrichedkids.us

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