Piano Boys Bring Classical Music to Goleta

Piano Boys Bring Classical Music to Goleta title=
Piano Boys Bring Classical Music to Goleta
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By Robert Bernstein

Zeyn and Rhyan Shweyk are The Piano Boys. You may have seen them performing on State Street, at Camino Real Marketplace or at the Amazon Open House during First Thursday.

This week they performed to an attentive and enthusiastic crowd at the Cambridge Drive Community Church in Goleta.

Here are my videos and photos:: http://swt.org/events/pianoboys-2020-0208/

Here are all of the videos in a single playlist:

Each of them performed challenging pieces flawlessly and with passion. But there is nothing quite like seeing them performing together with "four hands".

Here they performed Mozart's Sonata in D Major. Check out the tricky bits they perform with such grace and precision!

Their encore also showcased their nimble fingers playing together:

Here is the full program of their performance:

 From the program: "The SBPianoBoys, Rhyan and Zeyn, aka The Piano Boys, are young brothers who have been playing classical piano since 5, composing since 8, performing publicly since 9, and recently teaching music to youth and adults alike. They aspire to introduce and attract everyone to classical music, youngsters especially, and to spread its immense beauties and benefits everywhere."

"Besides their exceptional love for music and entertaining, the brothers have always maintained highest grades academically, are currently in the Engineering Academy at Dos Pueblos High School taking a big interest also in the sciences, and hope to one day combine classical music with engineering, or medicine, to better heal and cure as many medical and neurological conditions as possible."

Zeyn (red jacket) is15 and Rhyan (blue jacket) is 14. They will soon face the enviable yet difficult challenge of deciding where to put their primary focus: On their music or on their equal passion for science and medicine.

Be sure to check out and Like their Facebook page here to watch for upcoming performances: https://www.facebook.com/SBPianoBoys/

You can catch them for free for now. But someday you may have trouble getting tickets to see them at the Granada. Or Carnegie Hall!

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a-1581952827 Feb 17, 2020 07:20 AM
Piano Boys Bring Classical Music to Goleta

There are many classical piano teachers. Contact Lana Bodner, Music and Arts Conservatory, Westmont College Music Dept, and/or Music Academy of the West. Musicians in this town are exceptional people!

YELLOWFIN Feb 16, 2020 02:56 PM
Piano Boys Bring Classical Music to Goleta

I went to this concert, and I enjoyed it immensely. I liked their choice of music, their arrangement of the music, and they are such great musicians. They are great guys, and work very hard at what they do. If you'd like to know about a piano teacher, why not ask them? You can search the internet for the SBPianoBoys and send them a message, or contact any of their venues for contact information.

gilrun1 Feb 17, 2020 01:32 PM
Piano Boys Bring Classical Music to Goleta

These two exceptional young men should be ((and I hope already are) an inspiration to all who are fortunate to meet them and to hear them play piano! They are always warm and friendly, respectful and obviously well educated and intelligent. Who could hope for more. When we despair of our youth today, we should remember these two outstanding young persons and feel better, Kudos to their supportive parents as well!

sbrobert Feb 18, 2020 11:15 AM
Piano Boys Bring Classical Music to Goleta

The Piano Boys are teachers themselves now. Especially for beginners. They kindly offered the following information: As noted, Lana Bodner is perhaps the best in town and is the current teacher for the The Piano Boys. Unfortunately, she is in great demand and doesn't accept just anyone. And she is almost 90 years old now. They started with Tanya Irwin who they still recommend as a teacher for young children. Thank you everyone for your kind words and interest!

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