Man Arrested for Assaulting La Cumbre Plaza Employee

Man Arrested for Assaulting La Cumbre Plaza Employee title=
Man Arrested for Assaulting La Cumbre Plaza Employee
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Marshal Anthony Coates mugshot (courtesy Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office)
Update by Santa Barbara Police Department'
November 20, 2019

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at approximately 6 P.M. several Santa Barbara Police Officers and Santa Barbara Fire personnel responded to the vicinity of La Cumbre Plaza Mall for a report of an assault-in-progress at a store within the mall.

The initial investigation concluded that a suspect, now identified as Marshal Anthony Coates, age 50, behaved erratically outside the store then entered the business with a lone-employee. That employee sensed danger and attempted to immediately retreat. However, the approximately 6’3”, 250 pound Coates advanced toward the victim and an unprovoked violent assault ensued. The victim was eventually able to exit the confines of the store and seek help from an adjoining business. By-standers then called 911.

Subsequently, Coates still in the area and matching the description provided by witnesses, was taken into custody without incident.

The victim, who was medically assisted by Fire was eventually transported to the hospital. The victim and the attacker had no prior relationship.

As a part of this active, ongoing investigation, patrol officers and detectives looked into the suspect’s background, including his behavior and activity earlier in the day and week. 

Through additional witness interviews and background investigation, detectives concluded that the suspect entered the store not only to assault the victim, but with the intent to commit a sexual assault. 

There is also evidence that the suspect forcefully prevented the victim from calling for help.  His booking was amended to reflect additional/modified charges.  The investigation into this violent attack continues. The Police Department has requested the subject be held without the opportunity for bail.

Thus far felony charges include:

  • Assault with intent to commit rape
  • Assault with a deadly weapon with Great Bodily Injury
  • Second Degree Burglary
  • Dissuading a victim with force or fear
  • Criminal threats that terrorize
  • False imprisonment
  • Kidnapping for ransom

Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy
6:15 p.m., November 19, 2019

Santa Barbara Police are seeking an assault suspect in the 3800 Block of State Street. The suspect is a Black Male Adult (BMA) wearing jeans and a grey shirt. This might be the same suspect from the indecent exposure earlier today.

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giftedinSB Nov 21, 2019 02:56 PM
Man Arrested for Assaulting La Cumbre Plaza Employee

How horrifying for the victim. I'm glad the victim was able to get away and that they caught this scumbag. I hope he gets put away for the rest of his life with all these charges.

a-1574308108 Nov 20, 2019 07:48 PM
Man Arrested for Assaulting La Cumbre Plaza Employee

Pepper spray only costs about $8-$10 (or less) on Amazon. Shipping is free with Amazon Prime membership. Anyone working a job where s/he is alone in the work place for some or all of the time should have pepper spray close to hand----preferably in one's pocket, cocked and ready for use.

d8vanilla Nov 21, 2019 01:16 PM
Man Arrested for Assaulting La Cumbre Plaza Employee

And, pepper spray can actually blow back into the users face. Best take some basic self defense classes. And, SCREAM as loud as you can, for as long as you can, might be a deterrent also.

a-1574347922 Nov 21, 2019 06:52 AM
Man Arrested for Assaulting La Cumbre Plaza Employee

Dream on! Get real! I’m not walking around every waking hour with pepper spray in hand. Enforce Standards of conduct; teach and expect public decency in our free society.

a-1574380086 Nov 21, 2019 03:48 PM
Man Arrested for Assaulting La Cumbre Plaza Employee

6:53AM... tell you what - don't hire anyone to guard your store at night if you're not even willing to safeguard their wellbeing on the job. Save yourself the money and protect your store with "thoughts and prayers"... way cheaper that way.

a-1574307747 Nov 20, 2019 07:42 PM
Man Arrested for Assaulting La Cumbre Plaza Employee

The perp preventing the victim from calling for help will have that charge added, which is good. I thought such a crime was a felony, but research informs me it's only a misdemeanor.

a-1574348808 Nov 21, 2019 07:06 AM
Man Arrested for Assaulting La Cumbre Plaza Employee

Thief under a $1000 is now only a misdemeanor, too, and will soon probably to be totally lawful in CA. After we elect SF’s new DA CA’s next attr general, when AG Bacerra becomes our next Governor, everything will be legal accept threatening harm on a CA elected official. Live at your own risk in the Golden State. Vote Newsom President 2024.

Roger Nov 20, 2019 03:30 PM
Man Arrested for Assaulting La Cumbre Plaza Employee

I knew that guy was dangerous, I hope this is not the Marshall I know if it is I'll be shocked I really don't think it is..And great work SBPD Thanks for getting him off the streets I recall a crime back in the 80's where some guy attacked and killed 2 women in Santa Barbara it really shock me up because I was working in the mailroom of the News Press and rode my bike every night and early morning passed the scene of one attack..This crime reminded me of that crime..Scary.

a-1574289816 Nov 20, 2019 02:43 PM
Man Arrested for Assaulting La Cumbre Plaza Employee

Found one from September of this year, in Oregon. A simple Google search shows this guy has extensive criminal records in multiple states. Throw the book at him please, Dudley. Mugshot:

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