Lawsuit Against Youth Interactive Alleges Rape Against Minor

Lawsuit Against Youth Interactive Alleges Rape Against Minor title=
Lawsuit Against Youth Interactive Alleges Rape Against Minor
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Youth Interactive space on State Street (Photo: Facebook)

By edhat staff

A lawsuit filed against Santa Barbara non-profit Youth Interactive alleges a minor was raped and offered drugs at the CEO's home.

The complaint, filed in San Luis Obispo Superior Court on October 22, states a 14-year-old girl referred to as "Jane Doe" was raped by a man who served as a mentor with the organization in 2014. On November 7, Santa Barbara Unified School District Superintendent Cary Matsuoka sent a message to parents stating all students and staff should immediately stop participating in Youth Interactive programs. 

Youth Interactive was formed in 2012 as a "unique entrepreneurial arts academy" for young adults aged 14-24 in Santa Barbara County, according to its website. They opened a Youth Interactive Center in the heart of the Funk Zone at 209 Anacapa Street led by CEO Nathalie Gensac. At some point after opening, the organization moved its location to 1219 State Street.

Gensac, a former European television host and model born in France, has opened similar youth centers throughout the world. 

The complaint states that Jane Doe was an "at-risk youth" when she joined the organization in 2014 and was mentored by a then 25-year-old artist Jonathan Hernandez. It goes on to state that Gensac took Jane Doe into her Montecito home in May of 2014 where Hernandez would sometimes stay overnight.

One evening during the spring of 2014, the lawsuit states Gensac and Hernandez were drinking red wine and smoking marijuana while watching the film "Pulp Fiction" and offered marijuana to Jane Doe. After Gensac went to bed that evening, it's alleged that Hernandez raped Jane Doe on the sofa.

The lawsuit states after the incident Jane Doe was transferred to the home of Youth Interactive's coordinator Emily Griffith where Griffith stated she knew about Hernandez and Jane Doe having sex. Youth Interactive employees are mandated reporters of child abuse, this incident went unreported to the police.

It's also alleged Jane Doe was sexually assaulted a second time by Hernandez at the 1219 State Street Youth Interactive office several months following the first assault.

In January 2017, Jane Doe states she told Gensac about the rape in her home. Gensac did not report this to the proper authorities and was allegedly told by Youth Interactive board members that she would be liable if a rape occurred in her home, according to the complaint. 

Hernandez and Griffith are no longer affiliated with Youth Interactive. 

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Bene Nov 15, 2019 05:19 PM
Lawsuit Against Youth Interactive Alleges Rape Against Minor

If this is true, of course it is horrible and should be punished. But I do remember the McMartin pre-school incident years back---where I remember that one kid told an account about satanists and satanic abuse at the school, and then other kids got on board. Then all of a sudden all over the country kids (maybe prompted by parents' worried questioning) decided they too were abused like that. I can't remember all the facts at this point, but do remember that at least one 23-year-old girl who was working at a school got wrongly accused and jailed. Took a long time to exonerate some of the wrongly accused adults. In the end, they paid a bunch of pricey psychologists to do studies and conclude that sometimes kids make things up. I'm certainly not saying that is the case here. I couldn't know. But just wanted to point out that not all accusations are always true, and a high standard of proof should be necessary.

Roger Nov 15, 2019 03:07 PM
Lawsuit Against Youth Interactive Alleges Rape Against Minor

I'm sorry but I guess I misunderstood this story is fiction is that what your telling me? Alleged for our entertainment? I have my opinions about so called Adults who have sex with children and I don't like these kinds of alleged stories if you don't like my opinion don't read it. When it comes to court it's a business the only so called justice involves money In my opinion the one that I am entitled to.

ZeroHawk Nov 15, 2019 01:13 PM
Lawsuit Against Youth Interactive Alleges Rape Against Minor

wow...some of these i guess you are all judicial experts, know every single fact of the story, both sides, have interviewed them all, have processed DNA and have firm solid results? yeah i didn't think so.
Seems a lot of faux experts on edhat again....
they are innocent until proven guilty in a fair, unbiased trial. Two sides have their turn...seriously people. ...just upping the "wow factor" here.

Roger Nov 16, 2019 08:05 AM
Lawsuit Against Youth Interactive Alleges Rape Against Minor

I really don't care what others think of me I was sexually abused by people just like this when I was an at risk kid and took a life in self defense...You want to make fun of me don't do it on a web site that just makes you alleged.

nichols24 Nov 15, 2019 10:46 AM
Lawsuit Against Youth Interactive Alleges Rape Against Minor

Don't any of you understand the definition of "alleged" ? Mirriam Webster defines it as "accused but not proven or convicted". The operative words here are not proven. We all must realize that anyone can allege anything against anyone any time in a law suit. This is something we should all be afraid of. We are all INNOCENT until proven guilty. Isn't it just possible that a money seeking attorney is trying to trump up charges to make a buck?

a-1573814805 Nov 15, 2019 02:46 AM
Lawsuit Against Youth Interactive Alleges Rape Against Minor

I am appalled at the comments I have read. I thought in our democracy that no one is to be found guilty with a trial! And no trial as taken place, and no-one has yet been found guilty of anything. How can any of the above "commentors" come to such horrendous conclusions based on mere articles in an online medium? So, Salem, MA is not dead after all!

jqb Nov 15, 2019 11:22 AM
Lawsuit Against Youth Interactive Alleges Rape Against Minor

Comments are not legal findings of guilt, which carry penalties enforced by the power of the state, and that immense power is why "innocent until proven guilty" is a legal dictum that controls law enforcement and officers of the court, not citizens--it's not a law or a rule of logic. This democracy provides for freedom of speech and allows citizens to voice their opinions and judgments. For instance, I'm certain that OJ is guilty of murder despite having been acquitted. Everyone has made such judgments (you probably have expressed your own about Clinton or Trump, for instance), so its hypocritical to attack people for expressing theirs.

giftedinSB Nov 14, 2019 08:46 AM
Lawsuit Against Youth Interactive Alleges Rape Against Minor

Despicable. This poor young girl was targeted and preyed upon and none of the adults protected her. I hope she gets the help and care she needs to heal. I would also like to know why Hernandez would sometimes stay at Gensac's home - that seems very odd to me.

giftedinSB Nov 14, 2019 10:23 AM
Lawsuit Against Youth Interactive Alleges Rape Against Minor

Roger - yes, they were definitely in on it, but that still begs the question why Hernandez would sometimes stay overnight. Seems very random and bizarre to me. I am also curious if there was a criminal investigation. If Jane Doe hasn't pressed charges yet, she might still be within the statute of limitations. I just want to see her get the justice she deserves.

Roger Nov 14, 2019 05:39 AM
Lawsuit Against Youth Interactive Alleges Rape Against Minor

Lovely........ I remember pond scum like this when I was an at risk kid they are all over the world these people. Lawsuit huh? I would not sue them . These people were never arrested and the organization still exists Horse whipping is good but it's not what I would do.

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