Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing title=
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing
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Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

Park Fight Ends in Stabbing -- Investigation Yields Quick Arrest

On Monday morning at 3:36 A.M., Santa Barbara Police were dispatched to a fight-in-progress at Ortega Park involving four subjects.

Officers located a stabbing victim, identified as a male in his forties. He suffered multiple stab wounds and was transported by medics to Cottage Hospital. The wounds were considered life-threatening.
The male victim relayed to responding Officers that he saw a group of males vandalizing an area of the park.  He asked the group to leave the park. The group responded with profanity and verbally affiliated themselves with a criminal street gang.

The victim was attacked by the males and stabbed. The suspects then fled. The victim was thorough in providing a detailed description of the suspects.

Less than an hour later, a 14-year-old juvenile attempted to check in at Cottage Hospital with a severe laceration to his hand.

Santa Barbara Police Department’s Investigative Unit culled through evidence at the crime scene and determined there were several pieces of evidence linking the juvenile to the crime at the park. 
The juvenile was subsequently arrested and charged with attempted murder with a felony gang enhancement.

The investigation remains on-going.

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Luvaduck Oct 09, 2019 01:16 PM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

Fourteen year-old males will always be loose cannons, but unless they are from disfunctional families, they're not out at 3 a.m. In the rare occasion they have "nuck" out, they aren't carrying weapons, and when, not if, their parents hear about it, their "a** is grass!" In the absence of parental control, society has every right to protect itself.

a-1582554138 Oct 09, 2019 01:21 PM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

LUVADUCK - I had (still have) the most caring, involved parents and we sat down at the dinner table every night, they helped with my homework, etc etc etc and guess what? When I was 16-17, I used to sneak out and meet my friends. Yeah, I got caught... a couple times and grounded into eternity. BUT, you can't say that kids out and about at 3am have no "parental control." Their parents may have been sound asleep, trusting their son was in bed as well. Parents can only do so much. We have to sleep at some point too!

a-1582554138 Oct 09, 2019 10:01 AM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

LCP112233 - exactly, which is why it's moronic to confront them. How do we know the victim didn't do more than just say "hey stop vandalizing" while on his 3:30 am stroll through the park?

Sagepup Oct 09, 2019 01:38 PM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

That's right Roger, we should be allowed to protect ourselves, and a 14 yr. kid at 3 am claiming to be a gang banger is a threat, not an innocent baby. and 2 or 3 together is dangerous for anyone. All these don't shoot the poor kid commentors was not in that mans shoes at that moment. I dont believe in hurting others but I do believe in protecting yourself. Just fire the weapon at the ground toward them, they will run

a-1582554138 Oct 09, 2019 09:18 AM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

I'm sorry about the victim getting stabbed, but seriously is no one going to ask why he was in the park at 3:30am on a Monday? Here's a safety tip - stay away from known crime areas at 3:30am and if you, for some odd reason, are in one, do NOT go bugging criminals that are committing crimes!

PitMix Oct 09, 2019 11:41 AM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

You are right but this is also known as "blaming the victim." How do we get back to a world where it is okay to go for a walk in your neighborhood in the quiet early morning hours if you can't sleep? Does such a place exist any longer?

LoveMySB Oct 09, 2019 08:48 AM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

First of all what were these 14 year olds doing out at 3:30am in the park. Gee I guess they were getting information for the essays and assignments they were going to write that day in class. Not! Their parents should be held accountable and pay since they had no clue where their kids were at or what they were doing. A little jail time for the clueless parents might be in order too. They could share a cell with their kid and work on their homework which will probably be overdue since they aren't in class much. Secondly the park closes at one half hour after sunset until sunrise so what was the other guy doing in the park at that time. Every night there are people camping out in the entrance to the pool. This city needs to get a grip on these problems which they don't seem to be able to do. Our police department is great but they have no power to enforce the law and most of our city council is weak except for one who can't get anything done because our mayor has it out for him.

Factotum Oct 09, 2019 09:32 AM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

Don't normalize this behavior. No, it has not always gone on like this. Time to revisit the city's proposed gang injunction, because the prior threat of a gang injunction quieted things down for a long time. But this time get a judge who does not pretend "Santa Barbara does not have a gang problem" because it does and it is ramping up again. No, this has not gone on for a long time. What is the point of even saying something like this - it is all a matter of degree. What are the positives of letting gangs and vagrants take over our public spaces? Please enlighten us.

a-1582554138 Oct 09, 2019 09:16 AM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

LOVEMYSB - Yup! This park has been a hotbed of fights, stabbings, shootings, drugs, vagrants, etc etc since I was a kid going to school at SBJH and probably also long before that. There is NO reason they can't have constant patrols around here cleaning up the place. As for the kids, the parents should be held accountable to some degree, but once these kids join gangs, there's not much they can do. It's sad. But, luckily we have people like MATTYBOY around here ready to shoot to kill these kids if they pull a knife on him.....smh.

a-1582554138 Oct 09, 2019 08:27 AM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

Pre-emptive power turn offs are promised ( wind/humidity,temp ) by our utility, Edison, here in Santa Barbara. Over the hill, Santa Ynez etc. has PG&E. We could very well have our power turned off at some point. Cell towers need power. In N. CA PG&E is turning off power in 3 phases TODAY: the first phase started at midnight & impacted 500,000+ customers; 2nd phase will be at noon today & impact app. 234k customer; 3rd phase for 42k customers is still under consideration. Millions of people affected. All unable to call 911 for help.

Carrotville Oct 08, 2019 08:41 PM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

Coming from a 71 yr old woman, if anyone, regardless of age or gender, tries to take me out, believe me I’ll get them first. I do know how to shoot and I am quite good at it. A kid wants to try? Go ahead, punk. “Make my day!”

a-1582554138 Oct 08, 2019 04:03 PM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

3:58 - yes, we all pay for those things, through our taxes. It's not like you get billed for someone's PD or jail food, we all pay taxes to our government and these are the services it provides. Besides, what game am I playing? You're the one saying we wouldn't have to pay if there were no criminals. Hahaha! Yeah, just stop crime and we won't have to pay for jails, cops, public defenders etc.... Good luck with that kiddo....."don't play that game" I'm literally shaking my head out loud... lol!

a-1582554138 Oct 08, 2019 03:58 PM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

So, who do you think pays the the public defender? Who pays for the jails and those who staff it? Who is paying for the police to deal with this instead of the 1000 other priorities that they could be working on? How about the Probation / Parole officers / court system? No, don't try to play that game. The taxpayers are funding all of this and wouldn't have to without the crimminals .

a-1582554138 Oct 08, 2019 03:06 PM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

2:55 - It won't cost you a penny more than you already pay in taxes. Seriously... bugs me when people ask how much something will cost them "as tax payers." It will cost you your taxes. That's how much. You won't be paying into anyone's legal defense or incarceration, you've already paid and already will be paying.

a-1582554138 Oct 08, 2019 02:18 PM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

Thank goodness they caught one of the rodents responsible for this attack. The fact that he got his poor hand cut is too bad. It serves him right. It'll be hard in class when he's writing his class essays and assignments.

a-1582554138 Oct 08, 2019 01:33 PM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

Sadly, the SBPD will not make a dent in this gang problem until it's a priority and today in SB, it's not. That's the bottom line. The City Council people running for office will all say it's such a bad problem and what they're going to do, BUT it's never a priority for them or the PD. Sniff

a-1582554138 Oct 09, 2019 09:59 AM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

BIGONE - of course you have the RIGHT to defend yourself, but would you really shoot and kill a kid (I don't care what you consider a 14 year old to be, it's a child) if they pulled a knife on you? Why not just run?

bigone Oct 09, 2019 09:57 AM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

At 04:39: And you're cool with being stabbed, possibly to death? People have an unalienable right to defend themselves and that is the actual reason there is a Second Amendment. Personally, I wouldn't have confronted these criminals without have a cocked and locked firearm at my side. Of course, in your eyes, they were only innocent "children" like the three that were killed by a homeowner trying to defend himself in Georgia recently. And I don't consider a 14 year old a "child"; in fact, I'd even consider calling this one a...............gang member!

a-1582554138 Oct 09, 2019 09:49 AM
Man Severely Injured in Ortega Park Stabbing

9:47 - no, that's why I said somewhere else here that if you are actively getting stabbed, then defend yourself. But shooting just because a kid pulls a knife on you is not cool. Run, leave, flee, do not stick around.


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