2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

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Update by Lompoc Police Department
September 22, 2019

Case# :    1909-0674

Press Release Date :
09/19/2019 12:00 AM

Location :
Lompoc, CA.

Crime/Offense :
187(a) PC- Homicide 182 PC-Conspiracy

Suspect(s) :
Francisco GutierrezOrtega 25 YOA Walter Alexander Morales Jr. 24 YOA​

Francisco GutierrezOrtega​


Walter Alexander Morales Jr.​

Lompoc Police Department detectives have worked tirelessly on this investigation since it occurred.  Through the course of their investigation detectives identified two suspects.   Francisco GutierrezOrtega 24 years of age and  Walter Alexander Morales Jr. 25 years of age.

On 9-18-2019 at approximately 9 PM the Santa Maria Police Department assisted the Lompoc Police Department in the service of an arrest warrant at Francisco GutiuerrezOrtega's residence in Santa Maria. This warrant service was conducted without incident; however, did not provide the arrest of GutierrezOrtega, as he was not home at the time the warrant was served.  LPD detectives spoke with the suspect's family and shared with them the importance of having the suspect turn himself in.

On 9-19-2019 at 0800 hours LPD detectives received a call from the Santa Maria Police Department notifying them that Francisco GutierrezOrtega had turned himself in at their police department.  Lompoc Police Detectives went to Santa Maria and took custody of GutierrezOrtega.  Francisco GutierrezOrtega is currently in custody at the Lompoc City Jail, on a "No Bail" warrant for 187 (a) PC and 182 PC Conspiracy.

Walter Alexander Morales Jr. has also been identified as a suspect in the murder of Marlon Brumfield.  Walter Morales Jr. is a 25-year-old Hispanic male.  He is 5'4" tall and weighs about 140 pounds.  His hair is black and eyes are brown. 

Morales Jr. has multiple tattoo's-
Neck- "Griselda"
Left Arm- "VLP"
Right Arm- "Elisa" and a rocking L
Left Leg- LOM
Right Leg- POC
Back- "Morales"
Left Jaw/Neck - "805"

Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Walter Alexander Morales Jr. is asked to call the Lompoc Police Department.  The Lompoc Police Department will seek prosecution on any person found to be aiding and abetting Walter Morales Jr. 

Source: Lompoc Police Department
September 8, 2019

Press Release Date : 09/08/2019 1:53 AM
Location : Ocean Avenue & A Street
Crime/Offense : 187 PC - Homicide

Summary :
On Sunday 9/08/19 at approximately 1:53 AM, the Lompoc Police Department responded to the intersection of Ocean Avenue and A Street for a report of a shooting. Officers located a male subject on the ground with multiple gunshots injuries. Lompoc Police Officers, Lompoc Fire Department, and Paramedics attempted life saving measures but they were unsuccessful and he was pronounced deceased at the scene. 

The Victim was identified as Marlon Brumfield, 22-years-old, from Lompoc. Marlon was an active Army military member and was on leave from Germany for the month visiting home when he was killed walking down the street.

Anyone who may have witnessed the incident or has information are asked to contact the Lompoc Police Department Detective Bureau.

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a-1591257585 Sep 23, 2019 09:55 AM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

Reagan, Pete Wilson, and Arnold Schwarzenegger absolutely ruined the criminal justice system in California. Absolutely devastated it - not to mention completely destroying mental health services.

Factotum Sep 22, 2019 08:39 PM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

Gangs are not "family". They are calculated violence machines. Don't ever excuse gang code and conduct as anything but graduated acts of violence and deadly turf wars.. That is their only reason for existence. There are too many excellent youth non-profits in this town who are substitute "families" Gangs can never be "family". They are the antithesis of family. It is sick to pretend otherwise. Tell that to the Boys and Girls clubs, to the religious youth groups and every other non-profit who care for our young people when this is missing or lacking within their own families.

Flicka Sep 22, 2019 07:51 PM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

Thanks, Roger. You're the voice of reason. My Mom told about gangs fighting at Fiesta, throwing beer bottles; that would have been in the 1930s. Grandma said she used to go to dances in Montecito and there was a stabbing almost every week so she quit going; that would have been before 1910 when she got married. Same old same old still going on.

Roger Sep 22, 2019 07:41 PM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

I don't know where some of you have been maybe your just young or immature but gangs have been around along time they were here when Reagan was Govenator, Pete Wilson, and Arnold it's not just the democrats that are at fault it's society as a whole.... Gangs are what happens when families break up, being in a gang becomes the family you don't have.

a-1591257585 Sep 24, 2019 09:56 AM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

PITMIX, it starts pretty easily. For a start: 1) ENFORCE the laws and vote for judges that will do so. 2) Don't give early release to convicted felons and gang members. 3) Reinstate the Death Penalty. 4) Stop encouraging illegal immigration. 4) Cooperate with ICE and don't enact legislation that restricts or forbids local law enforcement from communicating or assisting ICE efforts. 5) Step up efforts to secure the border and stop the flow of drugs. 6) Develop private/public programs that rehabilitate felons, gang members, and drug addicts and help place them in jobs where they can achieve a sense of pride and purpose. 7) Allow and not deny citizens applying for carry permits (i.e., change from a "may issue" state to a "shall issue" state). 8) Clean up homeless camps (look at what was accomplished in Los Angeles a couple of days ago by a private agency - they cleaned up the largest and dirtiest homeless camp in just a few hours because Garcetti and the state legislators and Newsom won't do so). As I said, this is just a start. If even a few of these things could be accomplished it would go a long way from needing the jails you fear and also save this state millions, if not billions, of tax dollars, especially in the long run.

PitMix Sep 23, 2019 12:28 PM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

Bigone, what solution do you think the Gov is avoiding that would fix this problem? Expand our jail system at 50K/prisoner/year so we can have an even higher percentage of our population in jail compared to the rest of the 1st world? Watch our taxes skyrocket and the prison guard union grow even more powerful? Or are you suggesting we spend more money on intervention with teens? Easy to criticize, but unless you are promoting a solution and addressing the above problems, it doesn't seem that helpful.

bigone Sep 23, 2019 10:13 AM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

My heart goes out to the family of this military member who was serving his country. Obviously, these gang-related murders are becoming almost a daily occurrence, not just isolated examples at Fiesta or Montecito dances from long-past eras as some here mention. Sadly, Coastwatch, all of us know what's happening in this state and are completely fed up. Those that don't see what has happened are contributing to it. There has been talk and implications here regarding Newsom and his associated minions, who have put their heads in the sand under the guise of "morals", which I interpret as seeking votes. If you really care about this state, you'll start letting your elected officials know enough is enough. In case you didn't know, there is recall petition in motion for Newsom and I'd urge everyone here to sign it. I doubt he will actually get booted from office, but at least it will send a shot across the bow of politicians who are doing absolutely nothing to address these types of serious problems.

a-1591257585 Sep 12, 2019 12:58 PM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

Maybe he joined up and left cause his life was going downhill and associating with bad people who happened to not forget his misdeed while he was away. ??? Could be true. I can make shit up with the best of 'em

Bodyboarder73 Sep 10, 2019 06:18 PM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

You're welcome Alex. Yes we need waves. I just wish both sides of the political spectrum could put aside their differences and unite this country. Otherwise we could be headed for some really dangerous times ahead.

a-1591257585 Sep 10, 2019 12:57 PM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

It's funny (interesting, not haha) how the party of "self-reliance and personal responsibility" is so quick to put the blame for crime and drug use on liberal politicians, as opposed to the murders and junkies themselves. Hypocrites?

Steve_O Sep 10, 2019 09:35 AM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

JB86 I have done all the things you mentioned in Lompoc (kids, family, nice place to live) after I left SB. It is still ALL of those things. I see none of this bad stuff in my world. But then again, I'm not a gang banger, druggie, dealer, bar fly, or hanging out until 2am in the streets. Not that this young man was asking for anything on his way home. It is tragic, crime happens. I read of crime stuff every day in your SB town. They just don't print it because they don't want to damage the tourism. It's more fun to report bad about Lompoc, SM, Ventura, Oxnard, etc. PS....SB was awesome in the 80's and early 90's...it's overrun now. I'd never move back. North of the tunnel is where it's AT!!!

Bodyboarder73 Sep 10, 2019 07:17 AM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

Yes MattyBoy. If drugs were legal maybe all the tax revenue could be spent on things this country needs, such as better infrastructure. Plus if we get some common sense politicians in office we wouldn’t be wasting the money on their overly inflated salaries.

mattyboy Sep 10, 2019 08:36 PM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

Bodyboarder73 - you haven't been paying attention. We have had record tax revenues for years on end, but guess what? The problems don't go away and those in office just ask for more money. What you have is called a "pipe dream".

Bodyboarder73 Sep 10, 2019 12:54 AM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

Ok. I pass the peace pipe Alex. Coastwatch almost 24% of Californian's didn't vote for democrats, so we're not all to blame for the mess this state is in. If only America could just go a little more centerfield, this country could get more done.

Factotum Sep 10, 2019 08:26 PM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

This unique country, go ahead call America exceptional, is a mutually shared contract of both rights and duties. We hear a lot about "rights"; but far too little about our own duties to protect this exceptional and unique governance model.

Alexblue Sep 10, 2019 11:40 AM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

Thank you, Bodyboarder--hoping for a great south swell to close out the summer that we can ride. I think we have a real cultural problem in this country. So many people want all of the freedom and none of the responsibility. And that selfishness can be found in any political persuasion, IMO.

JB86 Sep 10, 2019 12:45 AM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

Dang, I lived in Lompoc for 6 years in the 70's-early 80's. It was a great place; friendly people, terrific local businesses, a good place to be and raise our little kids. Moved to Goleta in 1983 to be close to work and escape the commute. What happened since then? Very sorry to hear this story, and too many similar tragedies in the past couple of years. Is it gangs?

CoastWatch Sep 09, 2019 08:46 PM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

The problems in Lompoc, Santa Maria and Oxnard are due to how you Californians voted... You voted in more lenient laws, uber liberal Attorney Generals like Kamala Harris, Moonbeam and our present idiot, Gavin Newsome... And you wonder why the responsible people are leaving the once "Golden State"...

Alexblue Sep 10, 2019 02:14 PM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

I think there's a good chance you're right about that. But if I wanted to make the bet, who would I write the check to, "Mr. Coastwatch"? And why do you think people are being kicked back in to society from prison early? Maybe because of right wing morons thinking that it makes sense to have tens of thousands of non-violent pot smokers in prison so there is less room and money to deal with people who are actually dangerous? As I said, your thinking is simple minded, shallow, reductive, etc...

CoastWatch Sep 10, 2019 02:00 PM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

@Alexblue- put your money where your mouth is- I will bet you $1000.00 that the shooter of the soldier in the 'Poc had a record and was released from jail before serving a full sentence on his priors... Come on, step up!

Bodyboarder73 Sep 09, 2019 06:38 PM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

You have know clue about how the U.S. military is run. They are stationed all over the world for good reasons. If they didn't wan't to enlist and be sent out of country then of course they wouldn't. The crime stat's on the north county are ridiculous and something needs to be done. Most likely his murder was a gang member I'm guessing that mistook him for a rival dealer. I don't know. Hey I'd agree to put some military in the hoods to help the local police. But I also think legalizing all drugs would solve a lot of these criminal enterprises.

Alexblue Sep 09, 2019 08:36 PM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

I have no clue--get over yourself. There are redundant military bases all over the world, our infrastructure is falling apart, our educational system is garbage, we have rising infant mortality, drug addiction, and suicide is rocketing. Our people are suffering. At war in Afghanistan for what, sixteen years now? All those American deaths. For what. And this poor guy comes home and is murdered--it's a symptom. I agree with you--legalize drugs, put military on infrastructure and internal security and rebuild this nation before we go totally third world.

Alexblue Sep 09, 2019 05:52 PM
2 Suspects Identified for the Shooting of Marlon Brumfield

We should bring our troops home and make our country better, make it safer. Have you seen the crime stats for North County? It's insane. Bodyboarder73, I'm sure he was a proud member of our military, as he should be. So you have no problem with the fact that he died here in this way? Wow.

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