Family Fights Back During Home Invasion Robbery

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Source: Santa Maria Police Department

[Saturday] morning at 5:35 the Santa Maria Police Department received a frantic 911 call from a resident in the area of Western Ave. and Frank Ln. reporting that three individuals armed with a rifle and knives had just broken into their home. Officers quickly arrived at the location and saw two individuals fleeing on foot. After a short chase both suspects were captured. While the foot chase was occurring additional officers arrived at the home to find the father of the family had subdued and detained the third suspect inside the house.

Officers learned through interviews that the parents were suddenly woken up when the suspects put a gun to the fathers head and demanded valuables. An eleven year old son was woken up by the disturbance and went to his parents’ room where he saw the suspect holding a gun to his father’s head. Without hesitation the eleven year old son tackled the gunman. The father immediately fought with the gunman as mom a nd another teenage son physically fought off the other armed attackers, sustaining serious physical injuries. 

This attack appears to have been a random crime of opportunity. Officers have canvased the neighborhood looking for witnesses and home surveillance systems not on file with the Security Camera Registry which may have captured the actions of the suspects immediately prior to the home invasion. We encourage anyone with further information regarding the criminal activity of the named suspects or information about this specific crime to please contact the investigating officer or lead detective. 

Home owners can learn more about the Security Camera Registry and sign up at:

The suspects:

1) Alberto Pablo Montes, 4/8/2001 of Santa Maria

2) Manual Duran, 1/12/2001 of Santa Maria

3) Confidential, 15 year old male of Santa Maria. 

The adult suspects were booked at the Santa Barbara County Jail and the juvenile at Santa Barbara County Juvenile Hall on the following penal code charges; 212.5, 459, 245(a)(1), 417.4, and 182.

Case # 2019R4125

Investigating Officer: A. Harvey- (805) 928-3781 ext. 2227.

Lead Detective: P. Dix (805) 928-3781 ext. 2424.

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Luvaduck Apr 16, 2019 04:37 PM
Family Fights Back During Home Invasion Robbery

In situations like this it's hard not to say send them to the sadistic sheriff Joe in Arizona (new Mexico?) so they can learn what macho hard cases they aren't.

a-1561436460 Apr 16, 2019 10:31 AM
Family Fights Back During Home Invasion Robbery

The punk in the bottom picture appears to be presenting his best "I'm a badass" look. That will go well in jail with the other thugs. Speaking of thugs, has there been any word about the infamous "Ladies Love It" punk? Is he still in the Big House I hope?

a-1561436460 Apr 15, 2019 08:32 PM
Family Fights Back During Home Invasion Robbery

What are scary thing to happen, on so many levels! That was one braver 11 year old boy, really impressive. Could have got his father killed, lucky!

a-1561436460 Apr 15, 2019 01:55 PM
Family Fights Back During Home Invasion Robbery

This could have taken such a horrific wrong turn. I am glad things came out as well as they did. I hope the injured family members recover fully and quickly.

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