March Edness 2019: Day 16

March Edness 2019: Day 16 title=
March Edness 2019: Day 16
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It's Day 16 of this year's March Edness! Can you guess the location of the photo? Enter your guess in the form below by 8:00 p.m. and be specific. (What's March Edness? Learn all about it here.)

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Guessing has closed and the answer has been revealed.

This one tripped a lot of players up, but the answer is the Orcutt Trade Center. It houses several buildings so we accepted answers of 135, 127, or 125 W. Clark Ave in Orcutt. The two-story building was originally the Orcutt Hotel (subsequently called the Orcutt Trading Center and Pioneer Square) and was built around 1922. Currently, it houses a variety of businesses including retail sales and office space.

According to an article in the Orcutt Pioneer, the building was built by a Santa Cruz bootlegger Stephen Dal Porta in the face of prohibition, there was a complete hotel downstairs and a speakeasy upstairs. 

Day 16 Winners

  • Penelope805
  • Britt
  • mfitch54
  • Rone
  • macpuzl
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Flicka Mar 26, 2019 10:00 AM
March Edness 2019: Day 16

I really like that they have a peace sign. In the 60s the war hawks said the sign was a "chicken foot print". Actually it was designed by a man in England in 1958. He used the idea of "signaling flags" making their N and D, for nuclear disbarment. Glad to see Penelope805 listed at the top again.

a-1591014628 Mar 26, 2019 10:55 AM
March Edness 2019: Day 16

Being listed at the top has nothing to do with contest standings.

ParvoPup Mar 25, 2019 08:53 PM
March Edness 2019: Day 16

^^^I haven't smoked a bowl yet so I might be slow - so can someone tell me what the heck he said?

mfitch54 Mar 25, 2019 09:22 PM
March Edness 2019: Day 16

Dear Parvopup: if you are asking about my comment, it is excited, game-related chatter. Cheers!

mfitch54 Mar 25, 2019 08:47 PM
March Edness 2019: Day 16

WHAAATTTTT!!!!?!?!?! Oh man. This is so exciting. I feel so bad about Holazola! Mike! You can still do this! Stong playing, Macpuzl! Britt.... tell your team mates we're coming for you! (Although we are getting really nervous.) See y'all on the field tomorrow.

holazola Mar 26, 2019 09:55 AM
March Edness 2019: Day 16

Auuugh! A boneheaded miss. I skipped just one important city on my historical building search. Oops

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