Fatal Collision Closes Highway 101

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Fatal Collision Closes Highway 101
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California Highway Patrol is searching for a vehicle of interest in this fatal pedestrian collision. 

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Update by California Highway Patrol

Today at 2:12 A.M., a fatal collision occurred on US 101 S/B, south of Olive Mill Road. A pedestrian was laying within the #2 lane and was struck by an Infinity. The driver of the Infinity pulled over to check on the party and fled the scene. The driver was apprehended by Ventura CHP.

Traffic is backed up from Olive Mill Road to Carrillo Street. The #2 lane of the US-101 S/B at Olive Mill Road still remains closed. Hazardous materials clean up crews have been working for hours to clean the roadway to make it safe for vehicular traffic. We apologize for the traffic delays and recommend staying away from the area.

As of 2:00 p.m. Saturday, all southbound Highway 101 lanes are now open.

If anyone has any information regarding this fatal collision please contact the Santa Barbara CHP office at (805) 967-1234, Monday-Friday and ask for Officer Vazquez. Or call CHP Ventura Dispatch Center at 805-477-4174 please reference Log# 26 from 3/23/2019.

By edhat readers

  • Anyone know what is going on? I've been stuck on Cabrillo as a detour with hundreds of other cars for 30 minutes.

  • Does anyone have information about the accident in Montecito by south bound at San Ysidro? One of my daughters said it happened around 2 am but the highway was still shut at 9 am. Wonder if it still is.

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Flicka Mar 25, 2019 10:37 AM
Fatal Collision Closes Highway 101

I heard the man on the freeway was walking along the road when hit. Maybe the driver who stopped (at 2am) then took off had been drinking and didn't want a DUI.

LocalMatt Mar 24, 2019 09:01 AM
Fatal Collision Closes Highway 101

Ok here is the Deal. Anyone who wants to know what is going on with the freeway traffic simply use this. https://cad.chp.ca.gov/Traffic.aspx In the top right corner of the phone click add to homescreen...you just added this to the phone like an app. Easy

Abc109 Mar 25, 2019 10:43 AM
Fatal Collision Closes Highway 101

Dude. You hope there will be no charges against the driver who fled the scene? You run over someone with your car, you stop and call 911. Fleeing the scene is highly suspect and YES it is a crime and YES there should be charges brought against the driver.

a-1563229263 Mar 25, 2019 06:23 AM
Fatal Collision Closes Highway 101

That's something like what I was thinking Roger, it would not be hard to confuse everybody about how someone died if you dump their body on the freeway and cars ran over them. Hopefully there is enough physical evidence for there to be an investigation, not just finger pointing at that poor driver who happened to run over the body and then freak out and take off! I would like to think that I would not take off but I don't know, I could see being horrified and panicking and just wanted to get away from something so awful. It was not that driver's fault that this person was laying in the lane or that they hit them so I really hope that there's no charges against them. and ask for who died, I hope they can identify them and their family can have some peace and that they find out why they were there.

Roger Mar 24, 2019 04:57 PM
Fatal Collision Closes Highway 101

That was what I said What was the person doing laying on the road prehips he was hurt or worse before the vehicle hit him...

a-1563229263 Mar 23, 2019 04:38 PM
Fatal Collision Closes Highway 101

This is very sad. I fear the fatality is one of the 100s of homeless living along the tracks in that area. It is really bad there. I hope the Rick Caruso will insist that those encampments are removed from near his resort. Ditto for the Four Seasons. Maybe Montecito residents will ask for some help from the growing number of homeless living in their neighborhoods.

a-1563229263 Mar 23, 2019 07:07 PM
Fatal Collision Closes Highway 101

4:38 p.m. "Maybe Montecito residents will ask for some help from the growing number of homeless . . ." Do you mean residents should ask the homeless for help? Instead of "ask for some help," don't you mean "ask for some help _concerning_ the growing number of homeless . . ."?

Potif Mar 23, 2019 02:04 PM
Fatal Collision Closes Highway 101

Any formats you place in a comment here are ‘erased’ by the software to save space, I believe :(

mattyboy Mar 23, 2019 12:32 PM
Fatal Collision Closes Highway 101

From CHP: Incident: 00026 Type: Fatality Location: US101 S / SAN YSIDRO RD OFR Loc Desc: SB JNO Lat/Lon: 34.422594 -119.633970 Detail Information 8:29 AM 52 [107] 1039 ENTAC/OFFICER JAMES 8:28 AM 51 [106] S1 NOTIFY ENTAC OF CLOSURE 0226 - 0805 8:18 AM 50 [105] S1 NBR 2 STILL CLOSED CAL TRANS DOING CLEANUP 7:56 AM 49 [102] TOW IN STOPPED TRAFFIC EXIT 96A E BEACH 7:56 AM 48 [101] ANOTHER ETA FOR TOW? 7:22 AM 47 [100] 1039 SMITTYS - 20 MINS 7:21 AM 46 [99] CORRECTION - 401, ETA FOR TOW? 6:45 AM 45 [98] [Rotation Request Comment] 1039 SMITTYS TOW 683-8982 6:30 AM 44 [96] 29-S1 HAVE CAL TRANS SUPERVISOR 1021 ME - ALDO ON SCENE 6:26 AM 43 [95] C29-401 HAVE CORONER ENTER FROM OM AND DRIVE WW TO SCENE - 1039 SBSO 6:24 AM 42 [94] 29-S1 ETA FOR CORONER? - 1039 SBSO, FROM CARP STATION 6:09 AM 41 [93] 29-S4 HAVE CORONER COME BACK OUT - 1039 SBSO 5:38 AM 40 [90] C29-101 @ OFFICE W/ VEH 4:50 AM 39 [86] C29-201 HAVE VTU 1198 MILPAS OFR W/ 1185 - 43 COPIES AND 1039 SMITTYS 4:24 AM 38 [84] C31-043 FOLLOWING VEH TO SBA OFC 4:17 AM 37 [83] 29-S4 DOT HAS HARD CLOSURE IN PLACE/ BACK AT SCNE 3:42 AM 36 [82] 1039 SMITYS DRIVING THRU SUMMERLAND NOW // ETA 25 MIN 3:38 AM 35 [81] 1039 CODE 20 3:33 AM 34 [80] 1039 ENTAC 3:19 AM 33 [75] 29-S4 CLOSURE IN PLACA SB CARBILLO / 401 COPIES 3:06 AM 32 [73] [Rotation Request Comment] 1039 SMITTYS 805 683 8982 3:04 AM 31 [71] 29-S4 ETA FOR CT ? 3:04 AM 30 [69] 29-S4 SEND EVIDENCE TOW TO VTU 2:50 AM 29 [63] 401 CAN VTU ADVISE MAKE AND MODEL OF VEH STOPPED, PLS 2:47 AM 28 [59] 1039 ALDO // WILL BE DIVERT TRAFFIC TO LOS PATOS /COAST VILLAGE 2:45 AM 27 [56] S4 - ETA CT NEED TO SHUT DOWN SB AT CABRILLO 2:44 AM 26 [55] 43 LL- VEH HAS A LOT OF EVIDENCE // WILL DETAIN PTY 2:43 AM 25 [51] 29-S4 IF THATS THE VEH - WILL NEED IT FOR EVID 2:40 AM 24 [49] 43 - SUSP VEH // NOTIFY SBA 2:38 AM 23 [48] 1039 SBSO - 2 UNITS ENRT 2:38 AM 22 [47] 43 TAKING VEH OFF AT VICT // STOP THILLE / VICT 2:37 AM 21 [46] 1039 SBPD - NO CLR UNITS 2:36 AM 20 [45] C29-401 1021 SBPD 1-2 VEHS - TO HOLD TRAFFIC TO GET VEHS OFF OM 2:35 AM 19 [44] 43 BEHOND VEH SB AT LEMON CURV E// WILL ADVS ON STOP 2:34 AM 18 [42] RP ADVS JUST PASSING SEA IN MIDDLE LN 2:29 AM 17 [38] 1039 ALDO // ENRT NOW 2:29 AM 16 [37] RP UNSURE IF THE VEH TC'D INTO PED // DRVR OF THE INFI STOPPED GOT OUT OF VEH AND THEN GOT BACK INTO VEH AND DROVE AWAY 2:27 AM 15 [34] 1039 RP - 2 MI NO W MAIN 2:27 AM 14 [33] 43 - RECALL RP FOR UPDATE ON VEH 2:27 AM 13 [32] 29-S4 HAS CAMERA 1021 CAL TRANS FOR HARD CLS 2:25 AM 12 [29] 401 APPEARS 1141 STOPPED RHS AT SCENE 2:24 AM 11 [28] 1039 SBSO - 1141 ENRT 2:22 AM 10 [25] 401 W/ BREAK STARTED SO EVANS 2:20 AM 9 [22] LL W/ PTY FOLLOWING VEH // NOW PASSING BAILARD 2:20 AM 8 [20] 1039 SBSO FOR LINE 17 2:19 AM 7 [19] S4 HAVE 401 STOP W/ PTY IN RDWY HAVE VTA BOL FOR VEH 2:19 AM 6 [17] C29-401 TO CHECK W/ SBSO TO SEE IF THEY HAVE A UNIT IN THE AREA TO STOP VEH 2:19 AM 5 [16] VEH IS PASSING SANTA CLAUS // TPK OFF 2:18 AM 4 [15] 1039 SBSO ENRT 2:05 AM 3 [6] LS RUNNING TOWARDS THE CD 2:04 AM 2 [3] NEG VEHS IN AREA 2:04 AM 1 [2] IN THE SLOW LANE

PitMix Mar 25, 2019 09:13 AM
Fatal Collision Closes Highway 101

Google says:" All capital (uppercase) letters are slower for people to read, but only because they aren't used to them. Mixed case text is only faster to read than uppercase letters because of practice. ... But now you know that uppercase letters are not inherently harder to read."

macpuzl Mar 24, 2019 03:07 PM
Fatal Collision Closes Highway 101

Police and weather bulletins are in all caps because many of the stations they are broadcast to still rely on old-style teletype machines, which have a very limited character set.

biguglystick Mar 24, 2019 11:09 AM
Fatal Collision Closes Highway 101

Why is that in ALL CAPS? Spoken military-style, like the cops? Because they are so militarized?

Roger Mar 23, 2019 12:28 PM
Fatal Collision Closes Highway 101

A pedestrian was hit and killed over night there are news reports about it but not here I only report things I personally hear on the scanner during the day and evening.

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