Man Sentenced 11 Years in Prison for Kidnapping

Man Sentenced 11 Years in Prison for Kidnapping title=
Man Sentenced 11 Years in Prison for Kidnapping
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Source: District Attorney of Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley announced that Joseph Archie Hetzel pled guilty to one count of kidnapping, a violent felony offense. Hetzel also admitted that he was convicted in 2006 of a serious felony and a special allegation that will add a five-year enhancement. Hetzel is scheduled to be sentenced on February 21, 2019, where it is expected he will receive 11 years in state prison and be served with a criminal protective order that will restrain him from having any contact with Jane Doe.

This case arose on September 1, 2017, when Hetzel kidnapped Jane Doe as she was leaving her workplace in Solvang. After an extensive investigation and search by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies across three states, Hetzel was apprehended in Las Vegas, Nevada after three days on the run through California, Arizona, and Nevada. Jane Doe was also found in Las Vegas and returned to safety.

The hard work and dedication of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office throughout this multi-state investigation allowed for the successful prosecution of this case. This guilty plea, coupled with an 11 year prison commitment, will protect the public’s safety and ensure justice for Jane Doe


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Luvaduck Jan 24, 2019 09:51 AM
Man Sentenced 11 Years in Prison for Kidnapping

This guy is a menace and should be kept off the streets, or at least wearing an ankle bracelet until he's so messed up or old that he's using physical assistance such as a walker, a wheelchair or a cane to get around and <can't> grab someone.

a-1566687098 Jan 23, 2019 06:18 PM
Man Sentenced 11 Years in Prison for Kidnapping

Didn't we already learn the victim's name? Now she's Jane Doe. I could have sworn that before we were shown photos of her and everything. Yes, it's not a good thing when someone can terrorize someone else so committedly and not get more suitable punishment. Hard labor for Hetzel, at least several years of it, would have been a good thing.

a-1566687098 Jan 23, 2019 04:41 PM
Man Sentenced 11 Years in Prison for Kidnapping

I too was appalled by his sentence. My deepest sympathies to the victim. Of course rape was involved, my gods, what the heck?! Oh, but she'd dated him before he frigging KIDNAPPED her. Guess that might make it hard to prove. What a world we live in...

PitMix Jan 23, 2019 03:49 PM
Man Sentenced 11 Years in Prison for Kidnapping

The TV story on this said that there was some question as to whether he would be charged with sexual assault but the whole point of pleading is to avoid those other charges, isn't it? 11 yr sentence, probably out in 7 for good behavior. Not too bad for violating a restraining order and kidnapping someone, and crossing state lines. Why isn't this a federal crime?

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