Buellton Residents Receive Threatening Letters

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Update by Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff’s Office identified the person of interest who was responsible for circulating the letters. He was contacted tonight and has been taken for a mental health evaluation.

By edhat staff

The Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office is investigating reports of dozens of Buellton residents receiving bizarre handwritten letters in the mail.

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating and has identified a person of interest. Based on the information obtained, they do not believe there is a public safety threat.

Although residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activity by calling 911. 

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a-1566687051 Jan 25, 2019 08:59 AM
Buellton Residents Receive Threatening Letters

Hey, how about instead of downvoting every comment asking about the content of the letters, someone just tell us a little bit about what they said?

a-1566687051 Jan 24, 2019 03:22 PM
Buellton Residents Receive Threatening Letters

Hmm based on some comments it appears either this was a drug induced psychosis that led this person to think they were being bombarded by invisible waves, or possibly schizophrenia or manic episode. Sad either way and this person needs help. And yes unfortunately, erratic behavior alone, even if its somewhat threatening, is not enough for cops/LE to do anything. Sadly, we do live in a society where you pretty much can't do anything until the person actually acts (i.e. shooting up a building or whatever).

Luvaduck Jan 24, 2019 10:11 AM
Buellton Residents Receive Threatening Letters

I'm tempted to say, "find out who's in that area who knows how to write," but this isn't funny. I don't know what sommerfee means by mental, but what I mean is, someone who has mental issues that make him/her behave in aberrant, not just eccentric, ways.

sommerfee Jan 24, 2019 09:17 AM
Buellton Residents Receive Threatening Letters

I'm surprised law enforcement did anything. Their usual response to mentals threatening and harassing victims is to tell the victim to wait until a person like this actually rapes or kills them, then ignore the victim. Burbank PD at least. That's why I left there and moved here. This report encourages me a little but I'm still scares to report a mental who bothered me here. I don't want to go through the same police ordeal again.

Lina24 Jan 24, 2019 02:48 PM
Buellton Residents Receive Threatening Letters

The letters were bizarre and were basically asking if anyone else was under attack by low decibel soundwaves that he believed his neighbors children were attacking him with. The author seemed to also believe there was some kind of conspiracy by law enforcement involved. Apparently the author had been harassing his neighbors for quite a while until he had a restraining order put on him and moved. He's the same guy that was recorded peeking over his neighbors fence filming their house and yard on his phone. Pretty sure that encounter was posted here a few months ago. There's currently a debate as to whether he suffers from a mental illness or if his behavior is drug induced, or both.

LadyLove3816 Jan 23, 2019 01:39 PM
Buellton Residents Receive Threatening Letters

I received one of these letters, but I’m not sure if they want it to be announced. I haven’t reported my letter because I saw this post and it said they don’t believe there is any threat.

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