Monday Night Scanner Calls

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By Geo Duarte

A call went out at 7:28 PM Monday.

"Man returned home, everyone is DOA [at the residence]." Reporting party requested to be contacted via phone. No further information can be verified at this time.

Then an overdose reported, 8:22 PM in the 600 block of W Cota Street.
8:24 No apt.# available.
8:24 officer told, reporting party said look in the driveway...
8:25 Apt. 4
8:26 Subject administered "4 Narcans" still having  trouble breathing.

Radio traffic became unintelligible due to radio interference. Although, given, if you only have a few minutes to administer the antidote; it is often too late. 

In hopes this is not the case. Don't take the chance, have the NarCan there and someone who acts as an Adult, and can administer. 

Emergency responders can only do-so-much. AND, can not arrive in less than five minutes every time. It is not Emergency Personells responsibility. Ultimately, this Drug Culture is deadlier than ever now. Be self-care aware, people!

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