Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning title=
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning
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By Dr. Henning Ansorg, M.D., FACP, Health Officer County of Santa Barbara, Department of Public Health

Santa Barbara County is seeing an alarming increase in new case rates for COVID-19, with active cases up 90% over two weeks ago. With the current uptick, it is expected that the daily case rates will continue to increase and cause a new wave of infection similar to the Summer of 2020.

The biggest obstacle to stopping the virus is the proportion of unvaccinated community members. In Santa Barbara County, an unvaccinated person is15 times more likely to get infected and fall ill from COVID-19 compared to if they were vaccinated. The new surge is truly a wave of unvaccinated people falling ill and spreading the virus to others.

Severe COVID-19 can be very dangerous: The sooner you get vaccinated, the sooner you, your friends and family will be protected.

How do I protect myself against variants?

• Get vaccinated if you are 12 years of age or older. The three COVID-19 vaccines authorized for use in the US offer the best protection against all variants currently spreading here. They have proven to be very safe and effective. If you have concerns or questions about COVID-19 vaccines, talk with your doctor. If you are already vaccinated, encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to get vaccinated.

Wear a mask. Masks remain the most powerful tool to protect yourself from infection and others if you were unknowingly spreading the virus before developing symptoms. Make sure you wear a well-fitting mask that covers both your mouth and nose in public indoor settings.  Because the Delta variant is capable to occasionally infect vaccinated people, we  strongly recommend that fully vaccinated persons also wear masks indoors in public places .

Learn more about masks at

• Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer often - especially after being in public spaces where surfaces are touched by many people.

How do I get a COVID-19 vaccine?

Vaccines are available across Santa Barbara County and free to everyone, regardless of immigration status. Many vaccination sites take walk-ins, or you can choose to make an appointment.

• Visit to find a location near you.

• Visit for additional locations

• Information is also available in many languages 24/7 by calling 2-1-1.

• TEXT: GETVAX (438829) for English or VACUNA (822862) for Spanish

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Taras Jul 24, 2021 06:41 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

Hospitalizations are on the rise as well, with the number of confirmed COVID-19 patients undergoing hospital treatment statewide doubling in just the past 16 days to more than 2,400 and the number requiring intensive care doubling in the past 17 days to 575. The last time the numbers rose that quickly was in November and December, as the last winter surge was building.

Andrea Smith Jul 23, 2021 05:15 PM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

Here we go again. I'm donning my mask again, I have been not wearing one b/c I'm vaxxed but with this, it's time if only to prevent MORE mutations which might escape the vaccine's effectiveness.

LooseCannon Jul 23, 2021 07:38 PM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

It doesn't look anything like last summer. People are not dying in anything like the same numbers and we have efficacious vaccines. Take a chill pill. We are in a much better situation than last summer, if you are vaccinated.

LooseCannon Jul 24, 2021 07:43 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

"Just remember that 'we' includes the unvaccinated, some of whom are not unvaccinated by choice, plus the immunocompromised."

Rubbish. I don't believe there are people who are "not unvaccinated by choice". All adults and teens have had several months to get the shot. There's no excuse for not being vaccinated. Just pig-headed stupidity and selfishness.

Young kids, who haven't been approved for the vaccine, can quarantine or wear masks until vaccines become available.

The "immunocompromised" represent a very small part of the population. They have always been with us, COVID or not. I feel bad for them, but if I was in their shoes, I wouldn't expect everyone else, especially the vaccinated, to go around wearing masks on my behalf. The immunocompromised should do what they have always done, be careful not to expose themselves to anything that might endanger them.

smary Jul 24, 2021 12:04 PM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

actually mild arthritis, over 55, or prone to allergies all represent "immunocompromised" add in diabetes, lupus, obesity and 1000 other ailments, and this is not a small % of the population. You don't have to be @ death's door.

Shasta Guy Jul 23, 2021 06:15 PM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

If you are not vaccinated, this should be concerning to you. Get vaccinated. A coworker earlier this year was at an event where one by one everyone who attended came down with Covid. However, because he was vaccinated he did not contract it because he was the only one who was vaccinated.

LooseCannon Jul 23, 2021 07:35 PM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

We need a vaccine mandate, not a mask mandate.

The City of Santa Barbara and private businesses should demand proof of vaccination before providing goods and services. All city employees must be required to be vaccinated or submit to regular intrusive COVID testing.

As recently as yesterday, the CDC affirmed that there is no reason for the fully vaccinated to go around wearing masks. It isn't necessary. If you are vaccinated, the likelihood that you will become deathly sick is almost nil.

The authorities should focus on the unvaccinated and stop whipping up panic.

a-1627096656 Jul 23, 2021 08:17 PM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

I think the authorities are focusing on the unvaccinated, but they seem to be an intractable bunch. So they want to cover their butts and remind the vaccinated that there is still a chance we will get sick (and maybe we can convince our unvaccinated friends to get the shot). There are some vaccinated people with underlying conditions who really really don’t want to get sick at all. Covid has weird symptoms and after effects and we just don’t feel casual about it yet.

smary Jul 24, 2021 11:50 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

it is the "underlying conditions" which make each individual's immune response to the vaccine differ. It takes a healthy robust immune response to fully benefit from the vaccine's protection. So if you are older, or at all in doubt, you are better served by taking all available protections (ergo mask & hand washing) we still don't know 4 how long the vaccines are fully effective, even for the most healthy. So given these variables, my stance is better safe than sorry, but to each his own.

Bodyboarder73 Jul 24, 2021 12:47 PM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

If you're fully vaccinated you no longer need a mask. If you're exposed to covid it doesn't matter if you can still transmit it to the unvaccinated. That's on them if they get covid. Their has been enough time to get vaccinated. No masks are necessary anymore.

letmego Jul 27, 2021 09:40 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

Breakthrough infections. I noticed yesterday that the Public Health website includes a graph on what the case rate is for unvaccinated people is and what the case rate for vaccinated people is. Also, anecdotally, a fully vaccinated friend of mine is at home with COVID right now.

Channelfog Jul 24, 2021 06:08 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

Vaccinated people contract covid too and they too shed virus whether asymptomatic or not. There are at least 10 strains of covid worldwide so far, making masking prudent. Misinformation is everywhere, including Bidens recent vaccine remarks. Does he own J&J stock? J&J made $2.5 Billion on vax so far.

SantaBarbaraObserver Jul 24, 2021 08:11 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

Oh look a real life AntiVa member! I sure hope you dont have any children. The world is already awash in stupidity and we really dont need any more offspring dragging the common denominator down even further...

LooseCannon Jul 24, 2021 08:43 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

CHANNELFOG says "I'm trusting my healthy immune system..."

You and thousands like you, dying on ventilators in COVID units.

It's infuriating that one of the loudest voices on this forum in favor of masking is refusing to get vaccinated.

You fool! I should not be required to wear a mask to protect your dumb ass.

Channelfog Jul 24, 2021 09:29 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

SBOBSERV- Never said I am opposed to medicine and I've had numerous vaccinations, all of which have years long proven track records. The inane, stupid drivel emanates from believing that which is not proven, namely safety and efficacy. Takes years, get it?

dw2000 Jul 24, 2021 09:38 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

LOL - Channel wont trust the vast majority of medical professionals, virologists, epidemiologists that have developed cutting edge, proven vaccines that have worked for MILLIONS of people but will take some debunked anti-parasite med because some dude in Brazil thinks they got better because of it. Good luck with that!

ZeroHawk Jul 26, 2021 09:49 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

Channel, STOP trying to justify not getting vaxed!! It's people like you, spreading this false garbage that is the problem. stop. get vaxed. yeah vaxed ppl get sick too, but a slight cold compared to what a none vaxed person gets. i'm not a doctor but i certainly know this much.

a-1627144883 Jul 24, 2021 09:41 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

This past week I had conversations with two different medical professionals, one a SB nurse and one an LA doctor. Both said the same thing that all of their recent hospitalized Covid patients were UNVACCINATED. The science and facts are out there but there are apparently too many ignorant people clinging to false ideas.

dw2000 Jul 24, 2021 09:45 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

Its sad our health care professionals have worked to exhaustion over the the last year and when they should be getting some reprieve the hospitals are filling up again due to stupidity. They deserve better.

Babycakes Jul 24, 2021 09:50 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

What other folks do or don't do is out of your control, so stop insisting on controlling them. Focus on yourself rather than crying for attention on this forum. Attempting to shame someone to agree with you is wrong, and only verifies your status as an obnoxious bully. This whole "agree with me or else" approach simply isn't working, so let people live and die as they choose. Get offline and enjoy your life as YOU see fit and treat yourself to some fresh air.

Channelfog Jul 24, 2021 10:08 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

BABYCAKES- Yes, the name calling and general abusive tone reeks of Mob Rule, something the founding fathers feared greatly. A deeep breath of fresh air is the best suggestion I've heard yet! I have a 24" diameter concrete drainage culvert to set and it is a fine day to do it.

LooseCannon Jul 24, 2021 10:34 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

"Mask up if that is what is best for your situation."

BABYCAKES: The problem is, for months on end, I didn't have a choice, did I? And I have a sneaking suspicion that the mask mandate will be re-imposed on Monday. I'm fully vaccinated, at no risk to myself or anyone else. I shouldn't have to mask up because some people are unvaccinated, stupid, and irresponsible.

SantaBarbaraObserver Jul 24, 2021 10:38 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

The arrogance in assuming that you know or understand what the Founding Father's wanted is only matched by the arrogance and ignorance in the rest of this reply. Selfishness is Anti-American. Acting in your own interest over the needs of the country is the polar opposite of Patriotic.

LooseCannon Jul 24, 2021 11:24 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

BABYCAKES: I don't need to wear a mask to "protect" myself. After two Pfizer shots, I am fully protected. Instead of a universal mask mandate (which is contrary to CDC recommendations), we need to shift the focus to a UNIVERSAL VACCINE MANDATE. Macron is doing it in France, Germany is following. Here in the US, San Francisco and Pasadena are making steps in that direction by requiring city workers to get vaccinated, and in New York, De Blasio is heading in that direction, too. Locally, UCSB is going it. Private businesses need to step up, too, demand that their employees get the shot or submit to regular intrusive testing, and require customers to show proof of vaccination in order to receive goods and services. The mask mandate and hygiene theater approach has failed. Everything is headed in the direction of a UNIVERSAL MASK MANDATE. The sooner we get there, the better.

LooseCannon Jul 24, 2021 11:26 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

Groan.... Correction: /// Everything is headed in the direction of a UNIVERSAL VACCINE MANDATE. /// (I wish we could edit ourselves. Signing out now. Fed up with this ongoing nonsense.)

a-1627157322 Jul 24, 2021 01:08 PM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

Loose, If we had not had a mandate decades ago we would still be plagued by Small Pox and Polio as we were when I was a child. The luddites among us seem not to have learned from history.

Channelfog Jul 25, 2021 04:47 AM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

SBOBS- I do understand the Founding Fathers concern for Mob Rule and that they and the population at large were very, independent individuals. They united for civil projects and defense, but were otherwise extremely individual and competitive. Yes, Americans are some of the most selfish and entitled people ever to tread upon Earth and so socialist ideas don't go over well. This is why we do not have single payer health care, a state utility grid that is maintained (rather than paying bonuses) and quality, free university. All the afore mentioned yield a more robust, healthy society yet are exceedingly unlikely due to selfishness. That is what I call Anti-American.

ChillinGrillin Jul 24, 2021 01:10 PM
Increase in COVID-19 cases are very concerning

Frankly myself and many others are done with COVID. We masked for over a year, barely went out, and got the vaccine ASAP. If some morons still can't take it seriously after over a year and think it's their "freedom" to get seriously ill and spread it to like-minded idiots, be my guest.


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