State Comments on Goleta’s Adopted Housing Element

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By the City of Goleta

On March 20, 2023 the State of California’s Housing and Community Development Department provided comments on Goleta’s adopted 2023-2031 Housing Element.

The State’s letter notes that the City’s adopted Housing Element addresses most statutory requirements and includes requests for additional information, analysis and revisions to align the document more closely with the requirements of State housing law.

Goleta’s Housing Element is important because it establishes City policies and programs for maintaining and improving existing housing and plans for how to accommodate the City’s share of the region’s housing needs as identified by the Regional Housing Needs Assessment.

The City’s careful planning work included extensive public outreach and resulted in adoption of its Housing Element on time to meet the State’s February 15, 2023 deadline. In addressing the City’s housing needs, the adopted Housing Element prioritizes urban infill and containing sprawl, encouraging mixed use, walkability, and transit/alternative transportation connectivity in line with good planning principles and the State’s policy priorities to combat climate change.

The adopted Housing Element continues the City’s approach to date to deliver much needed housing – over 1,300 new units over the last 8-year cycle.

City staff will work collaboratively with the State on the revisions in the coming weeks. Assessing our housing inventory and fair housing requirements will continue to be a focus. Revisions proposed to the Housing Element to address the State’s comments will return to the Planning Commission and City Council at a future date for consideration and adoption and provide more opportunities for public input.    

To learn more about the Housing Element Update Project and review the State’s comment letter, visit the project page on our website at

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Basicinfo805 Mar 25, 2023 12:38 PM
State Comments on Goleta’s Adopted Housing Element

Keep resurrecting that one! Hilarious. What do you think about the topic at hand Snicker?

You’re name is perfect - I bet you were the kid not willing to raise your hand in class, but ready to sit in the back and Snicker at anyone who tried but wasn’t always right? Nice recipe.

Stick to the point. What do you think about the topic at hand? I’ll remind you- it’s “affordable housing” according to Gov. Newsom. It’s our community’s future. What do you say about it?

snicker Mar 26, 2023 02:12 AM
State Comments on Goleta’s Adopted Housing Element

The topic at hand is people who have proven themselves fools--I gave evidence in that regard. Governor Newsom is not at all relevant to either that or this post, which is about a letter from the State of California’s Housing and Community Development Department.

snicker Mar 25, 2023 11:39 AM
State Comments on Goleta’s Adopted Housing Element

The person who has proven himself a fool is the one who wrote "I assumed that he was unaccompanied on the video, since I saw no one else in the room" after attacking a discussion moderator who had had a splenectomy (the spleen fights infection) and twice had cancer for protecting himself by wearing a mask.

ChillinGrillin Mar 24, 2023 10:53 PM
State Comments on Goleta’s Adopted Housing Element

Oh wow, you did it Basic. The best con take I've ever seen on this site: gOLeTa vS. gAvIN. I mean usually in silly Internet disputes laughing at the other person is performative. But this is profoundly hilarious on a level I haven't experienced in years. Thank you.

SBLetsGetAlong Mar 24, 2023 06:16 PM
State Comments on Goleta’s Adopted Housing Element

So government demands more housing, but does nothing other than demand it universally across all areas.
Despite people leaving CA at about 1,000 people/day.
If government really wants more housing they do more than offer “tax incentives”.
Instead they offer rent caps capping profits for developers.
Right developers, people who want to make money, are evil.
So government you build the housing you demand on government land.
After all those that need housing are the lower income which need government help.
But the “party of the people” don’t actually help the people. They pretend & make news’s releases about stuff they don’t actually do.
All the way back to 1897 there are articles about how expensive SB housing is and how there are no homes available.
Why do Dems treat this like a “new” problem while CA hemoraghes 1,000 people per day.

snicker Mar 25, 2023 11:34 AM
State Comments on Goleta’s Adopted Housing Element

TOOT: "123,524 exiting CA daily."

What you mean is a reduction of the CA population of 123,524 per year = 338 daily. But that's not right either because it doesn't account for the birth and death stats. A quick google says 420,608 and 333,249 respectively. (249,239 + 333,249 - 123,524 - 420,608) / 365 = 105 fewer residents per day. Ah, but that probably doesn't include the millions of people flooding over the border according to the right wingers, so we're actually gaining millions per day, according to them.

toot Mar 25, 2023 10:33 AM
State Comments on Goleta’s Adopted Housing Element

"Jun 10, 2022 — From the most recent data available (2020 to 2021), we know that 249,239 people moved from California. "

249,239 over 365 = 682.85 people vacating CA daily. A far cry from "1000" people leaving daily that you claim. Perhaps if you troubled yourself to calculate stats correctly – instead of spewing biased opinions – your comment might be regarded. You also conveniently failed to mention how many people (125,715 for the year 2022) are relocating to CA, thus putting your "stats" into question. So, 249,239 - 125,715 = 123,524 exiting CA daily.
Math, when you choose, can be your friend.


Voice of Reason Mar 24, 2023 06:33 PM
State Comments on Goleta’s Adopted Housing Element

Like “mandating” only electric cars. Leadership would entail improving our electrical infrastructure, developing our natural resources and manufacturing infrastructure so we can source the materials and make affordable electric cars that are powered by an affordable and reliable electric grid so that people choose to buy EVs over ICE. Instead of leading us in that direction, it was mandated.

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