New 90 Minute Parking Restrictions Coming to Old Town Goleta

New 90 Minute Parking Restrictions Coming to Old Town Goleta title=
Map of the upcoming parking restrictions in Old Town
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By the City of Goleta

The City of Goleta wants to inform community members about Council approved parking changes coming soon to Old Town. In an effort to improve parking turnover and availability, new 90-minute parking restrictions will begin this spring. The City is also installing red and yellow curbs in several locations. 

Sign that will be posted notifying drivers of 90 minute parking restrictions

90 Minute Parking

Old Town Hollister Avenue and on the first block of side streets, not otherwise designated, will be restricted to 90 minutes between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Drivers must move their vehicle at least one block at the end of each 90-minute period in order to avoid a parking citation. Signs will be posted prior to the restrictions going into place this spring.

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Red Curb (No Parking Zones)

Also, to improve sight distance for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists, red curb will be added at these seven intersections.

  • Hollister and Orange Avenue
  • Hollister and Magnolia Avenue
  • Hollister and Pine/Nectarine Avenue
  • Hollister and Tecolote Avenue
  • Hollister and Rutherford Avenue
  • Magnolia Avenue and Gaviota Street
  • Pine Avenue and Gaviota Street


While the additional red curb will result in a loss of thirteen (13) parking spaces, those will be recovered with the angled parking planned to be installed as a part of the Old Town Hollister Avenue Interim Striping Project in summer 2023.

Yellow Curb (Commercial Loading/Unloading Zones)

Finally, yellow curb will be placed on portions of the curb on Pine Avenue, Tecolote Avenue, and Rutherford Street.

We will provide exact dates of when the timed parking restrictions will take effect in Old Town as it gets closer. The City appreciates your cooperation and understanding as these parking changes are implemented with the goal of improving the parking experience for residents, businesses, and visitors in Old Town.

For questions, please contact, Derek Rapp, Contract Traffic Engineer at or (805) 770-0205.

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dpj Feb 04, 2023 07:10 AM
New 90 Minute Parking Restrictions Coming to Old Town Goleta

No one from Glen Annie is going park in Old Town. For that matter Old Town is such a dump who wants to go there anyway. Maybe the city should focus on actually doing something productive with that stretch of Hollister.

sacjon Feb 06, 2023 09:54 AM
New 90 Minute Parking Restrictions Coming to Old Town Goleta

DPJ - huh? Do you speak for "Glen Annie?" I live near there and park in Old Town all the time. Most people I know that live up the canyon go to Pepe's, Cider Co., Domingo's, Altamirano's couple times a week. Let me guess, transplant from LA/Orange County, you moveid to a beautiful home in Goleta but hate it because it's not "Santa Barbara" but you couldn't afford the place in Cito you had your eye on..... or..... you consider Red Lobster to be a fine seafood restaurant. Curious, which is it?

dpj Feb 06, 2023 10:32 AM
New 90 Minute Parking Restrictions Coming to Old Town Goleta

Well I have lived in SANTA BARBARA for 31 years, not Montecito and not Goleta. I have actually owned two homes in Santa Barbara over that time. I find old town Goleta to be an eyesore and uninviting. Never eaten at a Red Lobster either. Whatever that has to do with anything on these posts. But you enjoy Goleta and all it has.

Luvaduck Feb 04, 2023 01:57 PM
New 90 Minute Parking Restrictions Coming to Old Town Goleta

Can't eat there and have a stroll--got it. One lane each way--need a backup camera to park or hold up traffic sawing back and forth if your car or you are old--Okaaay. Any business with parking needs a manned parking kiosk to keep its parking. (Good luck Santa Cruz Market.) Next? Bureaucrats bring in traffic lights every 50 feet, one-way side streets and parking meters, bit what'll be left to screw up to justify their existence and make Old Towne a no-go? Wait, wait: A pedestrian mall with staggered cement barricades so in case of fire Hollister can't be used at all.

Don Lubach Feb 05, 2023 09:35 AM
New 90 Minute Parking Restrictions Coming to Old Town Goleta

I am delighted to see that City taking steps to make old town more inviting and safe. One of the best things about these first steps is that they are all reversible. So those of you who feel like the outcomes will be negative will get a chance to gloat, and the city will be able to quickly remove the paint and try something else. If you care a lot about this topic, I urge you to read the book Happy City by Charles Montgomery. You can even meet the author at a free event coming up pretty soon as part of the UCSB Reads program. I access Old Town by bicycle, car, and MTD bus. I will be out there observing these changes.

goletadude Feb 05, 2023 10:13 AM
New 90 Minute Parking Restrictions Coming to Old Town Goleta

People who dont like Old Town as- is should look at the gentrification "Oh I mean clean up" of La Cambre mall and State st. How did those examples turn out? Old Town always has fewer shop vacancies than Calle Real strip mall,and of course State St. Old Town serves small Goleta biz and serves the local Hispanic community in large part. Why is the city of Goleta on a mission to destroy Old Town that works so well for non franchise small biz? BTW, the 13 lost street parking stops are not part of the two lane diagonal parking temp paint project..they are gone forever. Goleta already has a 72 hrs public street parking ordinance.

Babycakes Feb 05, 2023 11:30 AM
New 90 Minute Parking Restrictions Coming to Old Town Goleta

One of the reasons I love driving through Old Town Goleta is to simply look at the S&H Green Stamps sign on the side of Santa Cruz Market. Seeing that sign brings back so many good/positive memories for me, and possibly others. Our family did not collect Green Stamps as we were Blue Chip Stamp folks. The Blue Chip Stamp redemption center I believe was on the corner or near the corner of State and Cota.

One lane, two lane, diagonal parking, or whatever, Old Town Goleta is and will remain pretty much the same as it always has been...and that's a good thing. Any of you who doubt that the roundabouts going in at Hollister/217 should be happy as can be as traffic in that area will move along like never before. The ONE major/major/major transportation-related thing missing is a pedestrian/bicycle crossing over Hwy. 217.

LwoodFog Feb 06, 2023 10:15 AM
New 90 Minute Parking Restrictions Coming to Old Town Goleta

I hope the new parking times don’t result in the immediate neighborhoods being over parked. I’m looking forward to the roundabout, and the Ekwill st. and Fowler rd. extensions.

A lot of ragging on Old Town in this thread. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion of course. I, for one, love to visit. Old Town is the heart of Goleta. Grew up going to Rainbow preschool, Goleta boys and girls club, Santa Cruz Market, Noodle City, Red Pepper, Domingos Cafe, Larry’s auto parts. The home of the original Habit Burger, and many other mom and pop shops. Serves both locals and students. Right down the road you have the Goleta Airport…I mean Santa Barbara airport. Unfortunately “gentrification” is just a result of capitalism. Neighborhoods change over time. Still not seeing that happening though. I’ll take Old Town Goleta over what is a now just a shell of what SB used to be.
Goleta produces great things and great people!

sacjon Feb 06, 2023 10:57 AM
New 90 Minute Parking Restrictions Coming to Old Town Goleta

DPJ - so why are you speaking for Glen Annie? Maybe instead of disparaging an entire neighborhood and business area (and original one at that, unlike so many others), you go check it out for yourself? There are a multitude of amazing restaurants, goods and services in OT. I think it's pretty bougie, snobby and arrogant to dismiss an entire area based on probably only a few, fleeting moments passing through.

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