Eastside Community Paseos Construction Update

Eastside Community Paseos Construction Update title=
Eastside Community Paseos Construction Update
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By the City of Santa Barbara

Construction of a bike-friendly route along Alisos Street (between De La Guerra and Cacique Streets) and on Cota Street (between Milpas and Alisos Streets) has been delayed. The water main along Alisos Street must be replaced prior to construction, but due to material shortages, the water main replacement has been deferred. The City anticipates construction of the bike-friendly route to resume in early fall of 2023. The bike- friendly route will include landscaped peninsulas and traffic diverters on Alisos Street and a new bike lane and parking pockets on Cota Street.

Since summer of 2022, the following safety enhancements for the project have been constructed: new bike lanes on Ortega Street between Chapala and Olive Streets, enhanced pedestrian crossings at the intersections adjacent to Santa Barbara Junior High and Santa Barbara High School, new pedestrian ramps at the intersection of Canon Perdido and Alisos Streets, and new sidewalk on the west side of Alisos Street near Canon Perdido Street.

The next anticipated work for the project is new green conflict striping along existing bike routes on Cota Street (between Chapala and Milpas Streets) and Ortega Street (between Chapala and Quarantina Streets). This striping will safely position cyclists at intersections and will provide a visual queue to drivers to anticipate cyclists approaching and crossing at intersections. We appreciate your continued support and patience.

For more information about the project please visit: www.SantaBarbaraCA.gov/EastsideCommunityPaseos or email us at EastsideCommunityPaseos@SantaBarbaraCA.gov.

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Lucky 777 Dec 07, 2022 11:38 AM
Eastside Community Paseos Construction Update

...."provide a visual queue..." and yes, the cue is the cars will queue up to dodge around the obstacles and like on all the rest of the Agenda 21 annoyances there will be masses of automobile drivers inconvenienced and almost no bicycles utilizing the "routes."

a-1670518240 Dec 08, 2022 08:50 AM
Eastside Community Paseos Construction Update

As an area resident, I am very glad it is delayed —- may it be forever delayed. It's good there is consideration given to minorities, but there has to be some consideration for most of the people who do NOT ride bikes, even ebikes. Putting in street obstructions, as shown, just seems punitive. This should be called the RobDayton freeway.

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