Historical Mission Party Brought to Life

Historical Mission Party Brought to Life title=
Party at the Mission (Photo: Santa Barbara Historical Museum)
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By Joe DeLise

Here's another in the series of colorized old Mission photos.

Would appreciate if a reader can advise what the celebration might be for!...THANK YOU!

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Babycakes Dec 04, 2022 07:31 AM
Historical Mission Party Brought to Life

There is a utility pole in the background, which is located just above the person wearing a white coat and big stylish white hat. Notice that the utility pole has TWO cross members; the top carries electricity, and the one on the bottom is for phone lines. This would indicate that the photo was most likely taken in the late teens (1919) or early 20s.

Lindatuck Dec 04, 2022 05:48 AM
Historical Mission Party Brought to Life

Thank you for these wonderful pictures. It looks like there is an American flag hanging from the bunting. Several females are wearing light colored "Spring" clothing and two ladies at least are just in a blouse top so whatever is being celebrated it is probably in warmer weather. When the Great White Fleet came to Santa Barbara in April of 1908 did the Mission have a welcoming service ?

bjgreen Dec 04, 2022 05:35 AM
Historical Mission Party Brought to Life

Based on the women's clothing, I'm guessing this photo dates to about the 1890s. What is really noticeable is that there is nothing built on the hillside in the distance. Building there didn't begin until 1913. In fact, that area was not called "the Riviera" until 1913. So, this photo definitely predates that.

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