This Week's Public Meetings in Santa Barbara

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By an edhat reader

Santa Barbara has an amazing number of resident committees and commissions, 46 on the city government webpage, All now are held by webinar and they are not so easy to find.

This long-time Edhat subscriber thought it would be helpful and interesting for the community to have accessible a weekly listing of selected meetings. Please tell us what you think, good idea? waste of time? want it to continue, but covering more than Santa Barbara city?

Santa Barbara City has a calendar of meetings; here's January's calendar: . In addition, City TV covers many of them and reruns; here's the programming page:

Took place on Monday, 1/24, 3pm; Architectural Board of Review (ABR)


Tuesday, 1/25/City Council, regular meeting 2PM, preceded by the Ordinance Committee.


Public Access, by Zoom, city council meeting registration:

On 1/25, main agenda items:
Item 7, (p. 41 of the agenda) Adoption of resolution regarding police chief compensation, attached are the Classification and salary ranges of city employees.
Item 14, p. 74 of the agenda): Water Supply Update, Annual Water Supply Management Report, And Recycled Water And Groundwater Studies
Item 15, Consent Public Hearing: Senate Bill 9 Urgency Ordinance Extension, 4/5ths vote required.
Item 16, (p. 116 of the agenda) Annual Police Department update.
Item 17, (p 117-132 of the agenda) feedback of the State Street Advisory Committee, re the Promenade and public safety considerations.

Wednesday, January 26, 4pm: 

Parks and Rec, Agenda with access info: . Main agenda item is the Street Tree Advisory Committee recommendations.

Wednesday, January 26, 5:30pm

Community Formation Commission: Web:

To register to speak:


Ahead: Planning Commission hearing, 2/3, 1pm regular meeting time.: "potential draft Zoning Ordinance amendments for multi-unit housing standards including required landscaping, open yard amendments, parking, and parking demand.  These are potential amendments. and will not result in recommended action to City Council at this time."

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AwareHuman Jan 25, 2022 03:21 PM
This Week's Public Meetings in Santa Barbara

Thank you! Your effort(s) are greatly appreciated. VERY NEEDED info., And, as stated, not so easy to locate! So many find the city site opaque & difficult . Finding the correct number for the person in charge of narcotics investigations is s challenge...
Then, getting s response takes a determined person. Other cities have a far easier & accessible, as well as informative, website(s,,).

NotReallyDave Jan 25, 2022 06:38 PM
This Week's Public Meetings in Santa Barbara

It doesn't help to have City of Santa Barbara phone numbers if the employees fail to return messages. I have left messages with ABR secretary and another employee twice within the last three weeks and nothing comes back. It is not Friday every day. Where are they?

fitz Jan 25, 2022 07:37 PM
This Week's Public Meetings in Santa Barbara

Wow. This is a great public service. This is how we achieve the necessary transparency needed in local government. Thank you, edhat, for providing this community service.

Zenyatta19 Jan 25, 2022 09:19 PM
This Week's Public Meetings in Santa Barbara

Posting these links is a great idea. SB County also has many weekly meetings that can be joined on zoom or just to watch. Upcoming and archived meetings are listed here:

Mesarats Jan 25, 2022 09:19 PM
This Week's Public Meetings in Santa Barbara

Even for people who are engaged in following our city’s decisions and actions, it takes a incredible amount of time and effort to tease out the layers upon layers of of the spider web of local government
We have a medium size town with big city big city complexity and finances without the big city journalism and watch dogs.
I would pay for the Independent if they had a city/ county government beat reporter dedicated to reporting and digesting weekly instead of focusing on select hot button issues.
Following and participating in the process has become even more difficult and less constituent friendly during the Murillo leadership and hopefully that trend will change.

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