Be sure to stay safe this Halloween!

Be sure to stay safe this Halloween! title=
Be sure to stay safe this Halloween!
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By Dr. Henning Ansorg, M.D., FACP, Health Officer County of Santa Barbara, Department of Public Health

Fall is here, and you and your family may be looking forward to scheduling visits to the pumpkin patch or enjoying fall festivals and Halloween parties.

To make sure you all stay safe, here are a few recommendations as you head out to celebrate.

6 Halloween tricks to stay safe:

  1. The safest events for you and your family this autumn are ones that are outdoors where social distancing is possible.

  2. Fun fall activities such as visiting a pumpkin patch, going apple picking and other outdoor events pose a lower risk for you and your family, however keeping a safe distance from others and having a mask handy if the event becomes crowded are excellent precautions. Avoid crowded, poorly ventilated spaces.

  3. Protect those not yet eligible for vaccination such as young children by getting yourself and other eligible people around them vaccinated.

  4. Wear well-fitting masks over your nose and mouth if you are in public indoor settings. Even those who are fully vaccinated should wear a mask in public indoor settings in communities with substantial to high transmission.

  5. If you are sick or have symptoms, don’t host or attend a gathering.

  6. Get tested if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have a close contact with someone who has COVID-19.

COVID-19 vaccinations are recommended for those 12 years of age and older. To find a vaccination location near you, please visit:


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letmego Oct 27, 2021 02:33 PM
Be sure to stay safe this Halloween!

And for crying out loud ... on Sunday, which is Halloween, DRIVE SLOWLY AND BE AWARE.

Every dang year people drive like maniacs through the Westside and almost hit kids out trick or treating. Many groups have flashlights, headlamps, and glow sticks. Not all do and even WITH the extra lighting, people in cars don't slow down.

Ahchooo Oct 27, 2021 03:47 PM
Be sure to stay safe this Halloween!

Will kids be out en masse this year? Last year was mostly a bust. Parents, will your kids be trick-or-treating?

ZeroHawk Oct 28, 2021 09:21 AM
Be sure to stay safe this Halloween!

yes, and yes. big kids and small kids, old kids and young kids. last year was fun too. my families fav holiday and we go big too. my close friend owns world of magic. which helps.
What are your costumes? Your kids costumes? I'm an evil clown with a ripped off face re-applied to my face as a mask, under the mask i use liquid latex and a lot of SFX makeup. so i take off the mask and it's even worse ;) there is a dismembered head that comes along with me and my malinois will be carrying a severed human arm. My kids: witch, and an ol timey british chimney sweeper...Chimchiminey Chim Chiminey Chim Chim churry....let the fun begin! put out your pumpkins, buy some candy and have fun with the trick or treaters. an american tradition and fun holiday. don't be holloween scrooges, get involved!
Friday night at the Lobero (or is it Saturday?) is a big masquerade dance party outdoors, saturday afternoon, Thriller dance at the court house. Elings Park is hosting a family oriented halloween party too.

dukemunson Oct 28, 2021 11:01 AM
Be sure to stay safe this Halloween!

Last year was still pretty solid for trick or treating by our kids school...this year should be even better!

sacjon Oct 28, 2021 09:44 AM
Be sure to stay safe this Halloween!

Any updates on the rumors that the schools were petitioning or something to have Halloween on a Saturday every year instead of the 31st? Going to school (or work) after a night of fun, sugar (and yeast for the adults lol) is always such a bummer. I doubt kids are very productive the next day. Make it fun every year and give us a day to recover!

Ahchooo Oct 28, 2021 10:18 AM
Be sure to stay safe this Halloween!

But October 31 is the night when the veil between this world and the spirit world is thinnest, hence the presence of spirits roaming the streets. That can’t be changed by government decree.

ZeroHawk Oct 28, 2021 12:26 PM
Be sure to stay safe this Halloween!

um....Sac? lol they aren't changing it. It's a day that has to do with seasons and has been that same day since the begining, and frankly Santa Barbara is neat and all, but we aren't the world super power that can change internationally celebrated holidays. ;)

yin yang Oct 28, 2021 10:45 PM
Be sure to stay safe this Halloween!

Using this logic, expanded, making the Monday after the Super Bowl would be much more effective.
At least the trick or treaters get home early! ;-)

(check out "super bowl loss of productivity" lol! A horror indeed.)

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