Alisal Fire Flare Ups on Saturday

Alisal Fire Flare Ups on Saturday title=
Photo courtesy of Celeste Prescott
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Source: Los Padres National Forest

Afternoon Operational Update:

This afternoon, warm and very dry and windy conditions have resulted in increased activity on the Alisal Fire. Currently, a spot fire popped up on the other side of the retardant line on the northwestern corner, which is approximately an acre and a half in size. Firefighters are responding. Aircraft is dropping water on it currently. Additionally, on the northeastern corner there was an area less than an acre that slopped out of the perimeter, but it has been lined and has hose completely around it.

Evacuation Center on standby

The Evacuation Center at Dos Pueblos High School has been put on a warm/standby status. Evacuees needing assistance can contact the American Red Cross at 833-583-3111.

More information on the fire can be found here.

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John Wiley Oct 16, 2021 10:55 PM
Alisal Fire Flare Ups on Saturday

No satellite IR detections as of 10:15pm 10/16. The PG&E weather station at Location: 386SE just SE of Bald Mountain is reporting 15% humidity but only 8mph from the ENE gusting 10mph, while the "Refugio" Location is about the same sustained wind but gusting 16mph. The map indicates winds apparently shifting more northerly further West and father from the ridge, where some of the hotspots were. So maybe they managed to get all the hotspots knocked down before dark. Happily, their stations along the coast East of Gaviota are showing lighter wind & gusts, almost calm between Gaviota and Refugio beaches. The HPWREN SY Peak West cam shows only what appear to be fire ground crew work lights and no detectable smoke at all. So, hopefully good news for the exhausted crews tonight. On our way home this evening we honked and waved at the two Sears parking lot (apparently makeshift fire crew RV campground) gate guards and they happily waved back. We sure owe a lot to our small army (and air force) of firefighters from around the country.

John Wiley Oct 16, 2021 10:14 PM
Alisal Fire Flare Ups on Saturday

As I recall, there were at least three small plumes and another popped up later while they were working those.

John Wiley Oct 16, 2021 10:12 PM
Alisal Fire Flare Ups on Saturday

Watched some of it this afternoon before going offline. First the number of helicopters increased, and they brought back those two amphibians running continual water scoops from Cachuma up to the fire, but it seemed to have little effect on the small smoke plume they were working. Then they went full on with DC10s and the BAe jets again. Hopefully they got the plumes knocked down before dark. No aircraft up now, though several night equipped helos may still be at SMX, IZA and/or SBA. I haven't looked for satellite IR because it's usually hours old, but since nobody's flying maybe it's because ground crews can handle any hotspots for now. Even if were too windy at the fire, helos could fly high enough to be safe and still do IR detection for ground crews. Guess we'll know more in the morning.

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