City's Land Development Team Seeks Feedback

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Source: City of Santa Barbara

The City's Land Development Team is seeking input following changes to the development review process. We are launching a Land Development Customer Experience Survey to get feedback on this past year's changes and to request additional input on ways to continue to improve and expand our services. This survey is for both our "frequent flyer" customers as well as infrequent or one-time permit seekers.

This survey is for people who have done business with the City of Santa Barbara land development process at least once since July 2020 (in the past 14 months or so), when some changes to the process were made. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability based on your own experience and opinion. There are no right or wrong answers and your responses are confidential. Instructions for submitting any additional comments you may have can be found at the end of the survey. Thank you!


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bumblebee Sep 21, 2021 04:48 PM
City's Land Development Team Seeks Feedback

Here's a winning formula: first invite everyone to live here by declaring yourself a Sanctuary City/State. Now, when you realize there are too many people chasing too little real estate, throw out 100 years of local zoning laws. And while you are at it, don't require any new infrastructure to support all the people/building. That is winning formula our politicians have given us. What could go wrong?
Who elects these incompetents?

Chip of SB Sep 21, 2021 05:34 PM
City's Land Development Team Seeks Feedback

Bumblebee, this is not a break from 100 years of zoning. Until the 1970s, people commonly converted old homes into apartment buildings, and even built apartment complexes.

Byzantium Sep 21, 2021 05:45 PM
City's Land Development Team Seeks Feedback

You elect them and keep electing them. Do the names Hannah-Beth Jackson, Das Williams, Monique Limon or Steve Bennett have any meaning to you? They are the "state" who writes this legislation, even if they cop out and only vote "abstain". They do not vote no, they vote abstain to avoid personal responsibility locally, while their party ensured them this would pass without their votes anyway. They try to have it both ways. Our very own local elected representatives, this chronically revolving door of the same names and the exact same party, play it down the middle to not ruin their own re-election here, and maintain their party's backing in Sacramento. They are "the state" who tells us what to do. Remember their names. No one should give them a free pass on this one.

Alexblue Sep 21, 2021 09:22 PM
City's Land Development Team Seeks Feedback

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Who exactly moves to Santa Barbara because it's declared a "Sanctuary City", if in fact it even was. Who on the planet in need of a sanctuary city can afford to move to Santa Barbara. Oh, you funny/

bumblebee Sep 22, 2021 04:51 PM
City's Land Development Team Seeks Feedback

5:34 pm: that is misinformation you are emitting. Take a look at the city building records and you can find plenty of issued permits for converted old homes and built apartment buildings. Not everyone is a cheaper.

bumblebee Sep 22, 2021 05:00 PM
City's Land Development Team Seeks Feedback

5:29 What does having served in any public office or fashion have to do with it? The point is these laws have a lot of unintended fall out that will have to be dealt with down in the future such as: the lack of water, the lack of electricity, the lack of hospital beds, the lack of sewage treatment capacity.
And yes, I have served the public. Sadly, it has given me the opportunity to see how corrupt Sacramento really is.

bumblebee Sep 22, 2021 05:18 PM
City's Land Development Team Seeks Feedback

9:22PM You may want to take a look at where the population growth in this state is coming from and where it is ending up. The point is our state leaders encourage population growth and then they are shocked when there is a resulting housing shortage. Add in a lot of advice and money from the builders and unions and the result is these knee jerk laws.
Can't wait to see what they come up with to solve the resulting infrastructure shortages. They'll probably have us showering in our own feces.

Zenyatta19 Sep 21, 2021 05:18 PM
City's Land Development Team Seeks Feedback

I overheard someone say these new laws don’t impact Hope Ranch, because their HOA has CC&Rs that don’t allow it. Haha, Someone needs to inform them that SB9 & 10 override CC&Rs even in HR. At least high fire hazard areas are exempt. Our county and city have the ability to draw lines that exempt areas due to safety or public health concerns. Hopefully they will do this until these ridiculous laws can be overturned. Or wait until some HR homeowners subdivide their 2 acre lots into smaller parcels and add 1 ADU, 1 JR ADU and a duplex. That should get some counter legislation going.

Byzantium Sep 21, 2021 06:01 PM
City's Land Development Team Seeks Feedback

Who has done a pro forma on how this loss of protected SFR changes current property tax revenues - when current $2 million SFR property turns into a four-to eight flex properties? Will the property taxes be the same, or will the underlying value of the land as a four flex or eight flex be higher or lower than the current property tax it generates? I assume this "improvement" will lead to an increase in property taxes for that parcel, even though there are now more people who will be paying the tax rate. Whereas the neighboring SFR property values will most likely suffer a strong decrease in value now being in a multi-family R-4 type zone, which should demand a reassessment. Unless they too are now forced into a "highest and best" use valuation of their former SFR property and must now be taxed as a 4-8 plex property

Byzantium Sep 21, 2021 06:14 PM
City's Land Development Team Seeks Feedback

The upside it no one wants to become a landlord anywhere in this state - laws are totally stacked against the landlord. One bad tenant, and one never wants to rent to anyone again. So these SFR will be sold larger rental operations or with the intent they will be sold to a property developer to turn into multi-plex rentals, as they are right now - notice the names in the real estate sales listings. No longer individuals; but limited liability corporations. The heart of this city will have finally been torn out - the one that used to thrive on community volunteerism and community engagement. Now it will be a mass of anonymous owners, fly by night renters while still demanding the premium rental rates because these are no longer homes; they are frank investments and have a bottom line to meet. Willing buyer meets willing seller. The buyers with the bucks have arrived. So don't kid yourself this is going to open up new "affordable" housing - except when willing buyer meets willing seller, it is affordable. Voters knew this was coming - they had a chance to put some brakes on this and at least get a veto with a new governor. But that was not the will of the voters. Now only the law of unintended consequences is prevailing, and the need for government operations to keep property tax revenues at their max which does not allow for more subsidized housing - only open market rate housing can do that. Until it finally devours itself and over-exploitation makes the entire area undesirable. Like Oxnard/Ventura.

NotReallyDave Sep 21, 2021 07:43 PM
City's Land Development Team Seeks Feedback

I don't need a government -generated survey to say that, within the City of Santa Barbara Community Development Department, laws and ordinances have been abused to allow a single private business to occupy two illegal zones. When complaints were made, no investigation took place. Nuisances have never been abolished. One thing I have learned is that a City Council member will run on the platform that he is representing his district of people, but as soon as he is installed, he becomes an employee of the City, and you know how any employee is supposed to "protect" other employees, even when those lines are crossed. I have lost a lot of faith in this local "government".

NotReallyDave Sep 22, 2021 07:45 PM
City's Land Development Team Seeks Feedback

City employees in the Community Development Department allowed a business to occupy two contiguous parcels in the Eastside of the City. Each parcel was in a different zone, and each zone was not allowed for the business type. And the business was previously known to these City employees as a tenant of the Harbor. Neighbors have tried to report this through City channels, but all three monkeys always have Fridays off.

Chip of SB Sep 22, 2021 01:47 PM
City's Land Development Team Seeks Feedback

Lava, sb9 says it’s based on the census bureau’s urban area maps, which are available on their website. Hope ranch falls entirely within the urban area, and much of montecito does as well. Plenty of opportunity there to split lots and add rental units. In addition, these new laws void cc&rs so HOAs or can’t stop the construction of these units. One major restriction is the owner who splits a lot is required to live in one of the units for 3 years. This is supposed to prevent big developers from being able to split lots under the new law.


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