Updated Tsunami Hazard Maps for South Coast

Updated Tsunami Hazard Maps for South Coast title=
Screenshot of the California Department of Conservation website
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By edhat staff

Newly released maps show the areas in Santa Barbara County that are most at risk of a tsunami.

The California Department of Conservation encourages residents to locate where they live, work, and visit on the map. If any of those locations are in the yellow hazard area, make a plan to move to the "safe" green area after feeling an earthquake or when an official evacuation notification is received.

The populated areas in the county that appear to be most at risk are: Devereux Slough surrounding areas, Goleta Slough and into the Santa Barbara Airport, UC Santa Barbara Lagoon, Hendry's Beach, El Estero, and Santa Barbara's waterfront area from Shoreline Beach to the Bird Refuge reaching parts of Gutierrez Street.

The updated maps can be viewed here.

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Babycakes Jul 27, 2021 04:08 PM
Updated Tsunami Hazard Maps for South Coast

I believe this map can be similarly used to determine or approximate the new coastline in our area as the oceans continue their dramatic rise due to climate change. Anyone have a link to the Blue Line project that was never put into motion (as far as actually applying paint on our streets)? It would be interesting to overlay the two maps.

ParvoPup Jul 27, 2021 09:02 PM
Updated Tsunami Hazard Maps for South Coast

Bless you for your concern.

May I ask you to now generously donate to the soon to be created 501(c)3 named The Hope Floats Project where we will be funding the purchase and distribution of Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) to all unhoused individuals residing in the threatened zones.

Thank you and don't forget to ask for your free Hope Floats tote-bag saying that you cared.

Luvaduck Jul 28, 2021 07:35 AM
Updated Tsunami Hazard Maps for South Coast

Homeless or vagrants? Get the mental health segment into custodial help facilities. House the down on their luck at training facilities so they can get back on their feet. Those who refuse housing b/c they can't abide by the rules and free-loaders don't deserve pity or support. They don't belong here and should be "encouraged" to move on.

DBD Jul 29, 2021 11:52 AM
Updated Tsunami Hazard Maps for South Coast

.....City leaders hurrying to figure out a way to house homeless at El Encanto, high up on the hill to keep them out of harms way in the event of a tsunami. :-)

FernaldPoint93108 Jul 27, 2021 07:48 PM
Updated Tsunami Hazard Maps for South Coast

Unlike Japan, there is no subduction zone near SB so the threat is low. It would take an under water landslide in the channel to do serious damage.

DBD Jul 28, 2021 10:40 AM
Updated Tsunami Hazard Maps for South Coast

Not sure how old they are, but if you look at google maps satellite view, you can see an
underwater landslide approx 5mi south of western Goleta. Any history on this slide? looks pretty massive.

Taras Jul 27, 2021 08:01 PM
Updated Tsunami Hazard Maps for South Coast

The two largest tsunamis known to have been generated on the western coast of the United States formed in the Santa Barbara Channel region. The earthquake of 1812 near Santa Barbara caused waves that reportedly flooded the lower part of town, and the 1927 shock off Point Arguello caused waves at least six feet high.” Also the Santa Barbara Harbor Tsunami Surge 3-11-2011 was pretty cool.

Channelfog Jul 28, 2021 04:04 AM
Updated Tsunami Hazard Maps for South Coast

The Cascadia Fault Zone probably takes the cake @ 9.2 magnitude quakes off the Oregon/Washington coasts that create massive waves. The current tsunami maps for that region are quite frightening. Oh, and they have active volcanoes too! SB is relatively tame in comparison.

a-1627454946 Jul 27, 2021 11:49 PM
Updated Tsunami Hazard Maps for South Coast

Wow a tsunami will affect low lying coastal areas. We needed a map to tell us this? What about a homeless encampment fire zone map? So those who live near encampments know where to go when the next one goes up. It could be an overlay map on top of this one. The chances of a tsunami ore slim. The chances of another fire in the next week, 100%.

CreekMoe Jul 28, 2021 10:04 AM
Updated Tsunami Hazard Maps for South Coast

I wish i knew what 'dramatic' rise of sea level means. Such theoretical claims need quantification to be serious. Or is the land sinking due to oil and well water use? But i do know that beach front land most everywhere goes for the most money. So it seems that some people think that the rich and famous are clueless? Or are risk takers?

And if there is a risk of xyz percent of a big wave rolling in to the south shores in this decade or century, why does the Coastal Commission allow so much new construction in the high risk areas around the campus in Goleta?

And it may be time to move the Zoo.
And move in a Coast Guard Sqd to help in the recovery missions.

Or SB needs to build a sea wall like Europe does when faced with a real problem.

Or is this like half of California dropping off into the sea, and creating new boat
dock opportunities in Idaho?


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