Poll Workers Needed for September 14 California Gubernatorial Recall Election

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Source: Santa Barbara County

The Santa Barbara County Registrar of Voters office is seeking volunteers to serve as poll workers for the September 14 California Gubernatorial Recall Election. Community participation is always essential to staffing the precincts and polling places for the election. With this election taking place on such a short schedule, the Elections Office has less time than usual to recruit poll workers. Please consider applying to be a poll worker today!

Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor & Registrar of Voters said people should volunteer because, “poll workers are on the frontline of democracy; without them voting does not happen.” 

Poll workers who work at a polling place receive a stipend of $180 to $240 for Election Day and to attend training. Each polling place is led by a Polling Place Supervisor who oversees one or more Precinct Boards. Each Precinct Board is comprised of one Inspector and two Clerks. In addition, each polling place will need a Traffic Clerk and Ballot Reception Clerk. 

To be a poll worker, you must meet the following criteria:
  • Be a registered voter in the State of California or lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States, as specified, and who is otherwise eligible to register to vote, except for their lack of United States citizenship.

  • Be able to follow written and verbal instruction.

  • Be available to serve Election Day - September 14 - from approximately 6 a.m. to
    9 p.m. or until all of the closing procedures have been completed.

  • Must be available to attend a mandatory training class.

Howard Hudson volunteers as a poll worker and as an Adopt-A-Poll organizer for the Santa Barbara Host Lions Club because he wants to be a part of the democratic process. Hudson said, “I feel that as a citizen I am obligated to do what I can to help with the process and I encourage others to get involved and participate. Election Day is busy, but rewarding and I get to meet others supporting our democratic process and right to vote.” 
To learn more about the poll worker program and training process, please go to https://countyofsb.org/care/elections/officers/information.sbc
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Lorax Jul 22, 2021 09:45 AM
Poll Workers Needed for September 14 California Gubernatorial Recall Election

Hope we can get of Gov Nuisance
To name a few,
California public schools have never seen worse hurt by out of control Teachers union and closed schools for a whole year when all private schools raised open. He took his kids out of the public school and put them in private.
Then the overreach and lockdown that hurt so many business. Extending unemployment on taxpayers backs with employers having labor shortages!

Voice of Reason Jul 22, 2021 10:36 AM
Poll Workers Needed for September 14 California Gubernatorial Recall Election

Newsom's orders, mandates, and flat out abuse of the Emergency Powers Act over the past 18 months has single handedly done more to increase education and income inequality in California than anyone else in history. If you had assets and a professional work-from-home suitable job heading into the pandemic, you made out okay, many made out great. The paycheck-to-paycheck working class heading into the pandemic with little to no savings have been set back years, and their upward mobility will continue to be hindered by Newsom's decisions for years to come.

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