Motorcyclist Down at the 246/154 Roundabout

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

Report of a motorcyclist down at the 246/154 roundabout near Santa Ynez.

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Gregoreo Jun 19, 2021 07:40 PM
Motorcyclist Down at the 246/154 Roundabout

They really don’t put the warning signs out far enough for a roundabout on a highway, especially for when it’s dead of night no traffic, and when it’s foggy. Same with that stop sign. The signs need to be back another 300 feet. Just saying.

ParvoPup Jun 20, 2021 02:57 PM
Motorcyclist Down at the 246/154 Roundabout

If they were coming into the roundabout from the lake side - then it was probably the usual Speedy McSpeedface road race on the double lanes trying to pass everyone before they realize - holy mackerel -we have to slow down.

If dude was leaving Santa Ynez and heading east into the roundabout - then they really don't have an excuse as the road is dead flat and you can see the thing from a half mile away.

Now, if they have been awake for 36 hours pulling slot machine handles or have visited 14 wineries that day - then all bets are off.

x01660 Jun 20, 2021 06:45 PM
Motorcyclist Down at the 246/154 Roundabout

Dude has a broken leg; I'd be interested to see if its on the same side as the bike that hit the ground. I'm willing to be money homie was leaned way over trying to go fast through the roundabout (staying on 154 ), and the road elevation change in the roundabout caused him to catch hard parts.... Ask me how I know... o.O

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