Police Identify Suspect from Ladera Street Barricade Incident

Police Identify Suspect from Ladera Street Barricade Incident title=
Apartment complex at 217 Ladera Street (Credit: Google Maps)
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Update by Santa Barbara Police Department
April 12, 2021

On April 11, 2021 around 5am, Officers responded to the 200 block of Ladera Street for a report of a man brandishing a black handgun. The victim called 911, and reported a male suspect brandished a handgun at her and sexually assaulted her. The victim was able to flee prior to calling law enforcement.

Officers searched the area and located a suspect matching the description. The suspect fled into an apartment, barricading himself inside. A perimeter was established and the surrounding apartments in the complex were evacuated for public safety.

Officers on scene tried to contact the barricaded suspect with voice-to-voice attempts but were unsuccessful.  Due to the serious nature of the alleged crimes, the likelihood a firearm was involved, and the suspect barricading himself, the SWAT and the Crisis Negotiation Response Team (CNRT) were activated. Detectives also responded to the scene to assist in the investigation and obtain warrants for the suspect’s arrest. It was learned there were two other uninvolved bystanders in the apartment, one was a child.

Around 9am, police negotiators were able to convince the suspect to surrender after nearly 4 hours of negotiation. The suspect was identified as Eduardo Adrian Mendoza (DOB: 04/23/1991), a City of Santa Barbara resident. Mendoza was taken safely into custody without further incident and the other occupants in the apartment were unharmed.

Following Mendoza’s arrest, Officers and Detectives located three replica handguns inside the apartment. These imitation firearms greatly resemble actual firearms and are nearly impossible to determine as replicas based on appearance alone. 

Mendoza was booked in the Santa Barbara County Jail for the following charges:

Attempted Rape – 220(a) PC Felony, False Imprisonment –236 PC Felony, Brandishing Imitation Firearm – 417.4 PC Misdemeanor, and Resisting/Obstructing Arrest – 148(a)(1) PC Misdemeanor. Mendoza is being held on $100,000 bail.

The name of the victim is being withheld due to confidentiality reasons.

Update by Santa Barbara Police Department
9:45 a.m., April 11, 2021

At approximately 9:10 am the barricaded suspect from 217 Ladera Street was successfully arrested. Members of the Santa Barbara Police SWAT and Crisis Negotiations Response Team Officers were able to de-escalate the incident the arrest the suspect without injury.

The shelter in place order is being lifted however law enforcement units will remain in the area to investigate the crimes. If you can avoid the area please continue to do so in order to allow officers to conduct necessary investigation.

By Santa Barbara Police Department
8:45 a.m., April 11, 2021

On 4/11/21 at 05:14 am Santa Barbara Police Officers responded to a report of one male suspect who pointed a handgun at a person during a crime in the area of 200 Ladera Street.

Emergency responding officers spotted a person who matched the suspect description. The suspect, who is known to have been armed, immediately ran and barricaded himself inside an apartment at 217 Ladera Street.

For public safety, officers have evacuated the other apartment units at 217 Ladera Street and are attempting to communicate with the suspect to de-escalate and bring a safe resolution to this incident.

The Santa Barbara Police Department asks that you avoid this area until this incident has concluded. For those in neighboring homes, if you have not been evacuated please shelter in place.  

Reported by an edhat reader
7:00 a.m. April 11, 2021

Police raid on the lower Westside early Sunday morning. Santa Barbara  Police arrived at Ladera St on the lower westside early Sunday 5:45am looking for someone or something.  Witness says the individual they are looking for is a known gang member who frequently walks around with a handgun in his waistband. 

Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy
6:30 a.m., April 11, 2021

Police activity in the 200 block of Ladera Street below City College.

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forrealnews Apr 13, 2021 03:06 PM
Police Identify Suspect from Ladera Street Barricade Incident

In addition to removing deadly weapons and/or requiring licensing, training and insurance; this needs to be done for penises. Unless a penis can be used responsibly, it should be removed pending training and insurance. Penises have been raping and assaulting, leading to lifelong trauma in 1 out of 5!!!!!!! women, as well as some men and children. Penises are some of the most destructive weapons in history and present.

forrealnews Apr 13, 2021 03:03 PM
Police Identify Suspect from Ladera Street Barricade Incident

Think the title of this should be changed to reflect the horrible assault that was attempted. Man Identified Who Held Woman at Gunpoint and Attempted to Rape Her. Sadly, language around the constant harassment and assaults of women are watered down way too much.

NostraChumash Apr 13, 2021 11:10 AM
Police Identify Suspect from Ladera Street Barricade Incident

Can you imagine..
At one time, my family owned this entire street?!..
From city college, all the way to the brick-yard, both sides & up to the old school.
I think the buildings shown, are where my Granpa grew corn for the 6 families rancharias.
We also built the sandstone wall going up the hill there.

ZeroHawk Apr 12, 2021 12:36 PM
Police Identify Suspect from Ladera Street Barricade Incident

my kids and I happen to live right around the corner. What gangs and unfriendlies are you refering to? I've lived here for 15 years. There are no gang or unfriendlies. A lot of families and students. The wooded area at the base of the college behind the tennis courts, along the trail is safe as can be. i am on that trail and in the wooded area daily with my dog and kids. please don't start spouting off false information just because you have a chance to speak. you clearly do not live in the neighborhood and seem to know jack squat about it. focus on your own neighborhood. Thanks

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