Evacuation Warnings and Orders Lifted for Some Residents

Evacuation Warnings and Orders Lifted for Some Residents title=
Evacuation Warnings and Orders Lifted for Some Residents
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Update by the County of Santa Barbara
7:00 p.m., January 13, 2018

Effective at 12 P.M. on Saturday, January 13, 2018, the evacuation orders and warnings issued for the following areas have been lifted:
The evacuation order for the Whittier and Sherpa Burn Areas and neighboring canyons were lifted, including Tecolote Canyon, Eagle Canyon, Dos Pueblos Canyon, Gato Canyon, El Capitan Canyon, Calle Ecuestre Canyon, Calle Quebrada Canyon West of Gato Canyon, and areas below the Whittier burn area along Hwy 154 (Rancho Allegre, Circle V and Camp Whittier areas).
In addition, the evacuation warning was lifted for the Alamo Burn Area east of Santa Maria (Tepusquet Canyon area).

Update by the County of Santa Barbara
11:00 a.m., January 13, 2018

Effective 12:00 PM today the evacuation warning issued for areas South of Hwy 192 between Ortega Ridge Road to the Santa Barbara County Line will be lifted. This includes the communities of Summerland and Carpinteria.

Effective 12:00 PM the evacuation order issued for areas east of Toro Canyon Road and North of Hwy 192 is lifted.

Returning to a damaged or destroyed neighborhood is a traumatic occurrence, and you may feel overwhelmed by the many tasks ahead. Remember that self-care is the vital first step for you to remain healthy and resilient.

Residents should use caution when returning back to their property.

Areas affected by the debris slide continue to be without power and gas.

A boil water order is still in effect for customers of the Montecito Water District, which includes Summerland. Directions on how to boil or disinfect water: http://www.montecitowater.com 

Stay out of the restricted areas and follow the direction of law enforcement when given instruction on entering your area.

Please drive slow and be aware that personnel and heavy equipment are in the area and continue working on the incident.

Source: County of Santa Barbara
January 11, 2018

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: A new Mandatory Evacuation Order area has been declared for Montecito beginning at 6pm [Thursday] evening. This area is west of Sheffield Drive/East Valley Road/Ladera Lane, east of Olive Mill/Hot Spring Road, north of the ocean, and south of the U.S. Forest Service boundary.

The previous Public Safety Exclusion Zone is now part of the Mandatory Evacuation Order area. If you are in this area or bordering this area and need assistance in evacuating, call the Call Center at (833) 688-5551 to coordinate your evacuation.

You will not be allowed to return and it may take one to two weeks before evacuations are lifted.

Coast Village Rd. between Olive Mill and Hot Springs will also remain closed.

To determine if you are in the Evac Order area, go to http://countyofsb.org/ and view the interactive map or call (833) 688-5551 if you do not have access to the Internet. 

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a-1548215208 Jan 13, 2018 11:37 AM
Evacuation Warnings and Orders Lifted for Some Residents

If S.B.'s bureaucrats were reactive and cared about their citizens they would have announced, last Tuesday already, that all restrictions on short term AirBnB rentals are LIFTED so that displaced family who live, work , have kids in school around S.B. can MORE EASILY find a temporary shelter with as little disruption to their local lives as possible. But noooo : no such action was taken or will be taken !!

scottrader Jan 12, 2018 10:35 AM
Evacuation Warnings and Orders Lifted for Some Residents

Does anyone know if it's possible to walk from Santa Barbara to Carp along the beach? I need to get to Carp tomorrow and I can't really trust Amtrak since their trains have been experiencing long delays. I know there will be lots of debris but I'll have a sturdy pair of boots to wear on the walk. The boat to ventura doesnt do me much good as I'll still need to get to Carp from there (a ticket plus an Uber would cost like $50). I wonder if the authorities would stop me from walking along the beach. I'm not interested in being a looky-loo

a-1548215208 Jan 12, 2018 03:20 PM
Evacuation Warnings and Orders Lifted for Some Residents

Below the high tide mark you can walk to your heart's content as you'd not have any private property restrictions. The concern I have is access around certain points if the tide is not favourable. Though you could walk along the train tracks to go around certain geographical protrusions.

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