Santa Barbara Humane Society Donates Large Animal Rescue Equipment

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Source: Santa Barbara Humane Society

After years of responding to horse and livestock emergency situations, the Santa Barbara Humane Society is taking a step back from large animal rescue to focus on core community services: cat and dog adoptions, dog training, and affordable veterinary services.

According to the Humane Society’s CEO, Kerri Burns, this move was a logical one for the organization. “We asked ourselves how Santa Barbara Humane Society can best serve the animals and people in our community and decided to narrow our focus to the services that we know the community needs on a day-to-day basis.”

Santa Barbara County Animal Services will be taking over the role of first responder in situations where horses or livestock need rescue. But SBC Animal Services will not begin this new responsibility empty-handed; a gift of thousands of dollars in rescue equipment from the Santa Barbara Humane Society will help equip their new large animal disaster response team.

While no longer be involved in large animal rescues, the Santa Barbara Humane Society will continue to support the community through disasters by providing no-cost pet boarding to evacuated residents and providing mutual-aid to impacted shelters throughout the State.

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JoeG Oct 27, 2020 09:55 AM
Santa Barbara Humane Society Donates Large Animal Rescue Equipment

Earl Warren is a State owned facility, and as such will always be available for use during local emergencies. The County simply needs to make the request, and EW has the responsibility to comply. Glad to see that County Animal Services is stepping up, and in conjunction with Equine Evac, a great non-profit large animal rescue group, our community will continue to be well served.

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