Santa Barbara School Board Votes for Hybrid Learning in January

Santa Barbara School Board Votes for Hybrid Learning in January title=
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Source: Santa Barbara Unified School District

The Santa Barbara Unified School board voted unanimously on Tuesday to bring students back to campus in person via a hybrid learning model on January 19, 2021, if the county has reached the Orange “moderate transmission” tier.

The decision means elementary and secondary students would remain in distance learning until January 19, which is the beginning of the second semester.

More than 700 people attended the board meeting, with 21 community members speaking during public comment.

In the coming weeks, families will be receiving more detail about Hybrid learning at each grade level. Then, each family will be asked to officially select a program of choice.

As designed, Hybrid learning involves:

  • 2 days in-person learning  

  • 3 days of at-home distance learning which will include a combination of online learning and independent learning activities.

Board trustees were asked to consider two possible reopening dates for the elementary grades: November 9 or January 19. Their unanimous vote landed on January 19 as it gives staff more time to design and communicate plan details, and fill needed positions to accommodate smaller class sizes.

In anticipation of increased staffing needs, recruiting efforts are underway for the following positions via the district website:

  • playground supervisors 

  • paraeducators

  • custodians

  • substitute teachers

Superintendent Hilda Maldonado said the board’s decision allows district staff to move forward in a methodical fashion with time to engage and inform families and staff. 

“I’m pleased to have the board’s support, along with the teacher’s commitment and our parent’s understanding, that returning on January 19 is the best course forward for our students,” Superintendent Maldonado said. “We look forward to implementing a rigorous Hybrid learning model. We know that the best educational model is one that involves students learning in person with their teacher. We now need to all continue to do our part to reduce the rates of COVID in our community so we can move forward and bring our students back in person on January 19.”  

To review staff’s presentation, please reference the following links:

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bosco Oct 16, 2020 01:41 PM
Santa Barbara School Board Votes for Hybrid Learning in January

The teachers don't feel classrooms are safe, but that very decision leaves them with no childcare. So what do they do? They put their own children in classrooms to do "remote" learning. The irony and hypocrisy here should not be lost on anyone.

PitMix Oct 16, 2020 03:34 PM
Santa Barbara School Board Votes for Hybrid Learning in January

Then join an union and get some protections so you have the same privileges. This is exactly what unions are for, to make sure you get child care if they force you to work in a pandemic. If they just extended the vacations and pensions and child care that public unions get to everyone in private industry, then we could stop complaining. But we might not be able to spend $1Trillion a year on defense and homeland agencies.

a-1602891428 Oct 16, 2020 04:37 PM
Santa Barbara School Board Votes for Hybrid Learning in January

PiTMix, the market is perfectly capable of making key jobs competitive with appropriate benefits that attract and keep the best employees, without paying a union boss $1000 a year as teachers union members do every year. Plus taking over school boards so the unions effecitvely sit on both sides of the bargaining table. This allows the teachers unions to protect their inferior work product while keeping full pay and benefits jobs safe from any down-sizing or accountability. Indeed, only the public sector unions today somehow get taxpayers to keep funding these scams against their own self-interests. Unions are good at marketing which is why they convinced voters to hand them this much power - but there needs to be a place for the competitive marketplace in K-12 education now that more parents have learned the value of non-government schools during this teacher union shutdown.

Lorax Oct 15, 2020 11:00 PM
Santa Barbara School Board Votes for Hybrid Learning in January

Scroll back to Dodobird. Well said! if you want truth its the best post. If you want change and our kids back in school vote Elrawd Maclearn, Brian Campbell and Moni de Wit.
Time to run the stepford board sisters out! The same group lead the search with Capps at the helm and bragged about bringing in the new superintendant and what a good fit she was. Loosers love company, our tax payer's dollars at work. Maldanado has never been a superintendant with a 250 Thousand dollar anual salary not including benefits.
She is in way over her head , out of touch with what local parents want and incapable of managing this district. The school board brought her in from the failing LA school district, one of the worst in the nation where she was assistant superintendent, a very different role. She is too busy taking surveys to try to understand what to do next?
Private schools have been back over a month! The health department lined out opening guidlines months ago there is no new info on protocal and yet our kids remain in virtual prison suffering futher damage every day. This whole board has to go ! make your vote count for the change our kids and community deserve! This is a community crisis. Put kids educatoin before politics.

a-1602871060 Oct 16, 2020 10:57 AM
Santa Barbara School Board Votes for Hybrid Learning in January

Highly laudatory reports from parents who transferred their children to private schools, since the local government schools failed to serve them, should send chills through the SBUSD board members and the local government school teachers unions. School choice takes on a far deeper meaning today because it is no longer theoretical.

a-1602871896 Oct 16, 2020 11:11 AM
Santa Barbara School Board Votes for Hybrid Learning in January

That is what I'm doing, should have done it sooner. What's crazy is the tuition is about half what the school district receives per pupil from the state each year. If this year doesn't shine a bright spotlight on how our state public school system doesn't have our kids best interests at heart I don't know what will.

a-1602912997 Oct 16, 2020 10:36 PM
Santa Barbara School Board Votes for Hybrid Learning in January

School funding: Prop 98 guarantees 50% of all state general revenues go automatically to public schools. No matter if students are in classrooms or not, or if they are here legally or not. Supreme Court in 1982 mandated all school age children get free K1-2. So large cross-border flow of families will dilutesthe state educational dollar per pupil spending. Depending upon the numbers of K-12 age children flowing across open borders every year along internal birth rates, Prop 98 per pupil funding adjusts to the numbers enrolled. Fewer students - Prop 98 increases per pupil spending. More students, Prop 98 funds are diluted per pupil. But the Prop 98 funding formula remains the same - 50% off the top of all state general funds. To keep teacher union dues ($1000 a year per teacher) flowing, obviously the teachers unions want as many students in the K-12 system and as many K-12 teachers hired as possible. Declining enrollment are bad only for the amount of per teacher union dues collected, because declining enrollments means smaller classes and more per-pupil spending since the same amount of state money still comes itn.

Basicinfo805 Oct 19, 2020 02:50 PM
Santa Barbara School Board Votes for Hybrid Learning in January

Do you remember the doomsday call they were making back in March too? I believe I recall something like "the worst week of our lives", something to that effect. They cometely overcalled it, so it's hard to believe you. Not saying we don't keep wearing masks and distancing, of course we do. But kids should be back in public schools now, and our public health officials have said so. Anything COULD happen this winter, but let's try and deal in reality Teacher Lady. Thanks.

sacjon Oct 19, 2020 02:55 PM
Santa Barbara School Board Votes for Hybrid Learning in January

TEACHER LADY - that's one of my bigger concerns. They's said "IF" we are in the Orange Tier, the kids can finally go back to school. If we were to open now, as I understand, then even if our numbers went up again, the schools wouldn't shut down. But, by pushing the goalpost to January, we are at risk of our numbers raising (during the holidays) and then giving them another excuse to delay the re-opening of our kids' schools. Unless we miraculously start taking this more seriously, the numbers WILL go up over the holidays, thereby preventing our kids, once again, from getting the education they deserve.

Thousands of local kids are back or going back to school this month (private schools, MUSD, Hope District, etc). How is it that they are at any less risk than public school kids?

bosco Oct 19, 2020 02:59 PM
Santa Barbara School Board Votes for Hybrid Learning in January

Keep in mind that when we were at our worst back in July the hospitals were managing well within their resources. They have yet to need a single bed in an overflow emergency COVID unit and that was when the infection rates were 4-5 times worse than now. If it gets bad, close the schools. Until then, let's get some semblance of real instruction.

By the way, the professionals you reference (i.e. State and Local Public Health officials) are also the ones that have approved opening schools right now.

Voice of Reason Oct 19, 2020 03:09 PM
Santa Barbara School Board Votes for Hybrid Learning in January

Teacher, those same experts said millions would die this year in California. Those experts were wrong. We may have a surge in cases but number of cases should have never mattered. Mortality rates and hospital capacity is what we need to follow.

a-1603147496 Oct 19, 2020 03:44 PM
Santa Barbara School Board Votes for Hybrid Learning in January

NYC schools testing thousands of retuning schools kids and school personnel - virturally zero students tested positive - single digits, a few more adult staffers. Out of thousands of tests. See the news story for the actual numbers.


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