Police Conduct High-Risk Vehicle Stop on Santa Barbara's Westside

Police Conduct High-Risk Vehicle Stop on Santa Barbara's Westside title=
Police Conduct High-Risk Vehicle Stop on Santa Barbara's Westside
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Update by Santa Barbara Police Department
October 21, 2020

On Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at approximately 4 P.M., the Santa Barbara Police Department responded to multiple calls reporting several collisions that resulted in hit-and-runs on the City’s Westside. Concurrently, the Department received a handful of calls reporting a possible DUI driver in the same vicinity.  

A reporting party was able to provide a vehicle description with license plate.  Public safety dispatchers notified responding officers that the vehicle, a Nissan Quest mini-van, was reported stolen.

Officers located the moving vehicle on Carrillo Street, west of the 101 freeway, and followed it to the 900 Block of San Pascual Street. The vehicle voluntarily yielded to the side of the road and Officers conducted a high-risk stolen vehicle traffic stop.

The driver, later identified as Santa Barbara resident Daisy Echevarria, age 20, complied with Officer’s commands and exited the vehicle without incident. The driver told Officers there was an additional passenger in the vehicle.  Because of the vehicle’s dark tinted windows, Officers were not able to initially determine the validity of her claim. Officers attempted to establish verbal communication. However, after multiple attempts, no contact was established with anyone who may have been in the vehicle.

After a perimeter was established, Officers slowed any escalation and used time to their advantage.  It was determined by on-scene supervisors -- for the safety of the surrounding community, the possible occupant, and the Officers involved -- that an armored rescue vehicle would be necessary to further de-escalate and safely observe the passenger compartment from a safe position. Supervisors also called for Santa Barbara City Fire and the local ambulance service to stage nearby in case of a medical emergency.

The armored rescue vehicle was placed strategically to provide Officers an unobstructed view of the interior of the vehicle. At that point, Officers saw a male subject laying across the mid-seat. It was determined that the subject, now identified as Santa Barbara resident Jesus Montero Aguilar Jr., age 18, was motionless and possibly in a varying state of consciousness. As the incident unfolded, Officers monitored a growing crowd of onlookers.

A team of Officers including an Officer with life-saving NARCAN medication, approached on foot with ballistic shields; all-the-while staying in radio communication with a supervisor inside the rescue vehicle. That supervisor provided real-time guidance on the subject’s physical state and navigated every measure of de-escalation.

As Officers approached from the passenger side, they were able to establish faint verbal communication on Aguilar’s part. Officers believed his lack of his initial response at the on-set was likely due to his diminished capacity. Officers then retrieved a wheel chair from the passenger compartment and escorted a compliant Aguilar out of the vehicle. Once the scene was deemed safe, medical personnel evaluated Aguilar’s disposition.

A loaded firearm was found in the seat where Aguilar had been laying. In responding to the occupied stolen vehicle, the Officers’ actions and de-escalation techniques resulted in a safe and successful outcome.  

Echevarria was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle. In addition to being charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, Aguilar was charged as a felon in possession of a loaded firearm and a felon in possession of ammunition. After being medically cleared, both were booked into Santa Barbara County Jail.

By an edhat reader
October 20, 2020


Does anyone have any information on the large emergency response to San Pascual Street late this afternoon?

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PitMix Oct 21, 2020 07:10 AM
Police Conduct High-Risk Vehicle Stop on Santa Barbara's Westside

Wasn't this a proposition that we all voted for? If it was a bill, plenty of blame to go around if that what you want to do. Limon and Jackson and Cunningham probably voted for these bills as well. But your junior high tirade complete with name-calling probably doesn't care about facts.

Schifter Oct 21, 2020 08:10 AM
Police Conduct High-Risk Vehicle Stop on Santa Barbara's Westside

Grand Theft Auto V was the best-selling video game of the last decade in the United States. Our culture glorifies criminals and gangsters. They have violent video games in Japan too, but the people there are sophisticated...unlike America, where half the population is dumber than a dog.

So let's see....we have people dumber than dogs armed with semi-automatic weapons, marauding the public at will. Check out Seattle if you want to see liberal leadership at its finest. We're doomed.

biguglystick Oct 21, 2020 11:05 AM
Police Conduct High-Risk Vehicle Stop on Santa Barbara's Westside

SCHIFTER, it is the Republicans who keep taking away money from our education system, which makes America have the population that is dumber than dogs. Get your facts straight. Liberals want teachers to be paid well, schools to be funded and the uber wealthy to stop getting all the huge tax breaks that take AWAY much needed programs from the majority of the population. This is what we get when we do not put education as a priority. You are right about the rest of your comment... America is number 1 in dumb and gun worship.

Voice of Reason Oct 21, 2020 04:51 PM
Police Conduct High-Risk Vehicle Stop on Santa Barbara's Westside

Bigugly, liberals control California, our public schools receive a higher dollar amount per pupil than most other states, yet our public schools are near the bottom of the entire US. This is not the republican's doing, it is not the result of poor funding, it is the the result of an institution that no longer makes the children and their education a priority.

ChemicalSuperFreak Oct 21, 2020 07:12 PM
Police Conduct High-Risk Vehicle Stop on Santa Barbara's Westside

SCHIFTER: Whoa, hold on there. You might have a point about half of the US population being dumb, but please don't point out Japan and then claim "people there are sophisticated...unlike America"....unless you think that purchasing used schoolgirls' panties out of vending machines is the hallmark of sophistication (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burusera).

PitMix Oct 22, 2020 07:11 AM
Police Conduct High-Risk Vehicle Stop on Santa Barbara's Westside

Voice, depending on whether you correct the data for cost of living compared to Mississippi, "How does California rank in K-12 per-pupil spending nationally in the latest studies? a) 46th; b) 41st; c) 29th; d) 22nd." How do you convince people to follow your Voice when you spread misinformation?

a-1603384344 Oct 22, 2020 09:32 AM
Police Conduct High-Risk Vehicle Stop on Santa Barbara's Westside

After Prop 13 property tax protection was passed in the late 1970. voters quickly passed Prop 98 to protect public education funding - automatic 50% off the top of all general funds in this state goes to public education. Opening the immigration back door after the 1982 Supreme Court ruling mandating free K-12 to any child regardless of legal status who was present in the US, did dilute the per pupil spending in this state. So ranking "per pupil" spending must consider multiple variables - status of illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, base funding, and amount of federal education dollars turned down by state teachers unions due to accountability requirements (Obama's Race to the Top dollars turned down by pressure from the California Teachers Assn.. Don't let them bully you with raw numbers and rankings when it comes to the chronic teacher union litany: "we are underpaid, over-worked, under appreciated and you care more about school buildings than you do people".Look much deeper to see how they are spending the substantial amount of money they do yet and more importantly why they turning it down and intentionally diluting it per pupil anyway. Transparent California allows you to look up any school district and any teacher or staff person by name or job title to see what "education" is currently costing taxpayers before you continue to shovel more of your own cash into this #45 ranked California K-12 system.

biguglystick Oct 21, 2020 11:06 AM
Police Conduct High-Risk Vehicle Stop on Santa Barbara's Westside

I drove past that police response, and WOW, we sure don't need 7 police cars responding and blocking traffic for ONE stolen car. Why can't our police team handle it with one (or two tops) unit(s)? Are they that poorly trained or that scared that they need a massive team to respond? This is our tax dollars, people. What a waste.

doulie Oct 21, 2020 09:26 PM
Police Conduct High-Risk Vehicle Stop on Santa Barbara's Westside

BigUgly -

I don't understand why the suspect wasn't stopped when observed on Carrillo, unless the officer that first observed the car was waiting for a backup before the stop? "The vehicle voluntarily yielded." What does this mean? Did the driver stop due to the police car behind it with red lights activated, or did the driver just figure the game was over and drove to the side of the road? In today's police world it's probably better to use available overpowering equipment and not need it. What was the suspects "diminished capacity." Depending on the circumstances, I might agree seven police cars seems too many. Whose watching the rest of the city?

Kruppe Oct 22, 2020 07:44 AM
Police Conduct High-Risk Vehicle Stop on Santa Barbara's Westside

Nobody was killed. Armed drunk/high individuals were taken off the street by the police. This could have resulted in a shootout. No way of knowing the outcome a-priori, so the police probably brought a lot more equipment to bear. Why quibble?

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