Creek Week Has Begun!

Creek Week Has Begun! title=
Creek Week Has Begun!
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Source: City of Santa Barbara

This year’s Creek Week is scheduled for September 19 – 26. Creek Week is an annual celebration of the natural treasures of Santa Barbara, and an opportunity for community members to learn more about our local creeks, watersheds, and the ocean.

Join in Coastal Cleanup Month by cleaning up your own neighborhood, favorite park, or the beach - be sure to report your cleanup data so it’s included in the final count. Join in a variety of virtual community forums and educational presentations provided by the Santa Barbara Zoo, Santa Barbara Urban Creeks Council, and the City of Carpinteria. Bring your mask and gloves and help remove invasive plants at Carpinteria Tar Pits Park. Visit the drive-in for documentary film screenings from the Santa Barbara Permaculture Network and UCSB Arts & Lectures. Take a self-guided tour of UCSB’s North Campus Open Space, or join the City of Santa Barbara Creeks Division for a live creek walk and talk on Facebook Live.

To participate in the Storm Drain Chalk Art Contest, grab your sidewalk chalk and create art at your nearest storm drain! Free chalk can be picked up at Art From Scrap (while supplies last) at Garden Street & Cota Street on Saturday, September 19 from 11am to 2pm. Share a photo of your completed artwork on Facebook or Instagram tagged with #sbcreekweek for a chance to win!

Visit or to view the full schedule and event details.

Creek Week is coordinated by the City of Santa Barbara Creeks Division, County of Santa Barbara Project Clean Water, City of Goleta, City of Carpinteria, University of California, Santa Barbara, and Explore Ecology, with fun and educational events planned and hosted by many community groups and environmental organizations.

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Byzantium Sep 19, 2020 09:02 AM
Creek Week Has Begun!

Clean out every single vagrant camp polluting our creeks and sending their toxic wastes out into the ocean.

LCP112233 Sep 19, 2020 01:52 PM
Creek Week Has Begun!

That's a very pretty picture of a beautiful creek. Too bad there are vagrants defecating and urinating, taking baths, dumping waste etc etc upstream. We can start cleaning it up at that point before it gets to the ocean.

Sensibly Common Sep 19, 2020 05:46 PM
Creek Week Has Begun!

The trash and waste from encampments is frustrating and affects more than our creeks. I hear zero from the city about it, they’re clearly occupied with more pressing issues than keeping our city clean.

sbandto Sep 20, 2020 08:09 AM
Creek Week Has Begun!

You make a difference. Be proactive. Go for a walk in your neighborhood and pick up any trash. Have your kids join in. Make it a community effort. We did.

oops Sep 22, 2020 08:29 AM
Creek Week Has Begun!

SB can't wait to chase out those evil oil polluting companies while embracing the homeless with the fires they create and the toxic waste dumps they leave behind

ChrisL Sep 24, 2020 11:33 AM
Creek Week Has Begun!

That's right, dog whistlers, shift responsibility for YOUR watershed's condition onto the most vulnerable, marginalized members of our community. It seems you only focus on the unhoused when they blight your view, offend your nostrils, unnerve you when their hearth is too close to your tinder-dry landscape. You with kin, with a smart phone and a laptop, with secure food and shelter and healthcare--go clean the creeks. Just don't add to the disgrace by refusing to make housing a basic right along the way.

NostraChumash Sep 24, 2020 12:09 PM
Creek Week Has Begun!

From a cultural & archeological standpoint, we know that many Native villages existed along most creeks.
To allow camping of any kind along these waterways, is detrimental to preserving cultural sites.
I have spoken to campers along our local creeks..
Many use drugs ( meth in particular), which causes restlessness in the user, resulting in them digging..for hours, along the creek banks, potentially destroying Native sites.
I have been offered artifacts ( for sale), as one result of such digging.
The responsibility of creek protection in all forms, should lie upon the city of SB & the financially supported institutions claiming authority over such areas.

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