County Departments Partner to Expand Low Income Housing in Lompoc

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Source: Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness

The County Departments of Housing and Community Development and Behavioral Wellness are partnering with the County Housing Authority to develop additional low-income housing in the City of Lompoc.  The goal of this housing project is to create housing which is targeted for Behavioral Wellness clients allowing pairing with ongoing support services.  Funding for this project is made available through Caliornia’s Project Homekey.
The Santa Barbara County Housing Authority will soon begin renovations on the building currently occupied by the Behavioral Wellness Adult Outpatient Mental Health services team, to create housing which will includes 15 units for low-income individuals and families.  The Behavioral Wellness Adult Outpatient staff who are currently occupying this space will be relocating to the Crestwood Champions Center located at 303 S. C Street, by the end of the month.  All clients receiving services will be receiving notification of this move to allow a smooth continuum of service delivery.

“The B street building, which currently operates as a service site, has a history as a hotel which lends the perfect opportunity to repurpose and allow expanded stable housing within our community” says Alice Gleghorn, PhD, Director.  “We are grateful we are able to contribute to the solution of expanded housing which is a critical need for many.”

Behavioral Wellness recognizes the importance of housing stability and is excited about the opportunity to be a part of just one of many strategies to expand housing opportunities for those in need, within the Lompoc community.

“I am excited about this transition and the opportunities it will bring to the Lompoc community,” says Tony Hollenback, LCSW, Lompoc Regional Manager.

To learn more about Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness please visit  For assistance with accessing Santa Barbara County Behavioral Wellness services call the 24/7 toll free Crisis Response and Services Access Line at (888) 868-1649.

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chico berkeley Sep 20, 2020 04:30 PM
County Departments Partner to Expand Low Income Housing in Lompoc

Santa Barbara - Stop moving your problems north.
Deal with them within your own community.
Sheeeesh,Lompoc cant catch a break as long as the south county keeps sweeping the problems created in SB north.The article says for "Lompoc residents". What joke.
everytime I drive thru the town there are more and more homeless on the highway and showing up for services on Ocean ave. as I drive towards the base.
SB puts out the welcome mat and the north county winds up with overflow of people coming for more free stuff.
Knock it off.
Stop feeding the bears, so to speak.

RHS Sep 20, 2020 06:25 PM
County Departments Partner to Expand Low Income Housing in Lompoc

The homeless "problem" is not just from those who were born and raised in any community. We must all share in resolving the problem. Lompoc has provided homeless persons to other communities and received some from elsewhere. The last time I noticed the stats Santa Barbara homeless were about 40% from other places. You can't build a wall to protect your preferred population.

chico berkeley Sep 21, 2020 09:37 AM
County Departments Partner to Expand Low Income Housing in Lompoc

RHS-Yea,homeless people will tell you they are locals
but,like most of this towns population they did NOT grow up here, and THEN become homeless, You could say they are "permanent tourists" from elsewhere here for the great camping weather in the winter and everyone better make room for them.
I know some local homeless and they have alot more respect for their hometown than these street urchins that are the majority of homeless here now.

RHS Sep 21, 2020 10:06 AM
County Departments Partner to Expand Low Income Housing in Lompoc

Chico it must be such a comfortable place to simply deny other arguments with your own undocumented "facts." I was not born in SB but I have lived here many decades. If I were getting assistance would I be a local or an invader? We are all of the same people. Stop this tribalism.

Basicinfo805 Sep 20, 2020 06:39 PM
County Departments Partner to Expand Low Income Housing in Lompoc

Well Chico, hate to tell ya' but goleta and SB residents are seeing the same thing - ever increasing homeless camps and trash everythere along the freeways and roads. It's not just Lompoc. Checkout the stretch along 101 southbound between, hmm, let's say Los carneros and Patterson.

chico berkeley Sep 21, 2020 09:28 AM
County Departments Partner to Expand Low Income Housing in Lompoc

Basic-The problem didn't start in Lompoc is the point.
I have lived and watched this charade\parade for over 6 decades in MY HOMETOWN.
SB IS the magnet with all the services and they keep coming.
Makes the uber wealthy feel good to help them live here.
You don't have to tell us locals about homeless near the highway in Goleta,just stop pushing the problems created here to other parts of the county.

RHS Sep 21, 2020 08:34 AM
County Departments Partner to Expand Low Income Housing in Lompoc

8 p.m.: Almost all of the "affordable housing" that SB brags about is for the elders. They have taken this tack to say they are doing a lot but they do it with a "safe" population. But it is true that all communities should share in this social burden, especially places like Goleta and Carpinteria which have hidden in the shadows and corners for decades.

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