Dehydrated Hiker Airlifted from Cathedral Peak

Dehydrated Hiker Airlifted from Cathedral Peak title=
Photo: Santa Barbara County Fire Department
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Update by edhat staff

A hiker was airlifted from Cathedral Peak due to dehydration and heat-related illness on Friday afternoon.

At 2:45 p.m., county firefighters, search and rescue teams, and a helicopter responded to a report of an injured or sick hiker above Tunnel Trail near Cathedral Peak where it was 100 degrees in temperature.

Crews accessed the patient above Seven Falls and discovered the female hiker was dehydrated with a heat-related illness and needed medical attention. The hiker was hoisted out of the area from the helicopter and treated while enroute to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. 

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department reminds people of the excessive heat warning, especially in the mountains, and encourages everyone to drink lots of water and limit outdoor exposure. 

Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy

Medical rescue at Cathedral Peak for a female hiker suffering from heat exhaustion.

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CoastWatch Aug 14, 2020 03:26 PM
Dehydrated Hiker Airlifted from Cathedral Peak

Selfish and inconsiderate- "Let's go on a hike on the hottest day, mid-day. and if we get thristy, we can call 9-1-1..." Like the County Fire doesn't have personnel literally putting out fires everywhere, now they have to deal with these "special individuals..."

m-cubed Aug 14, 2020 05:02 PM
Dehydrated Hiker Airlifted from Cathedral Peak

heh funny i was thinkin the same sorta thing about the kite surfer who needed rescuing off the 800 block of shoreline drive. i guess he didnt drink enough red-bull.

Garvey_Dog Aug 14, 2020 05:02 PM
Dehydrated Hiker Airlifted from Cathedral Peak

Easy there tiger, Most incidents are caused by an individuals 'poor' choice. Fires, car accidents, overdoses, etc etc etc. Don't just single out these young ladies.

ChemicalSuperFreak Aug 14, 2020 06:39 PM
Dehydrated Hiker Airlifted from Cathedral Peak

COAST: Totally agree. I've done that hike, complete with that mad scramble up through the brush to the top. I've done most of the road to road hikes in the front country, to Camino Cielo and back, including Romero and Arroyo Burro. Unfortunately there are people who are simply not up to the challenge, or don't have the basic knowledge on how to stay healthy on some of these long hikes. On really hot days, those hikes can take much longer than anticipated based on a trail guide book, word of mouth or some website. My wife and I always bring extra water, some of it actually frozen for hot days, which is a treat. In the summer, we opt for days where we get a bit of cloud cover and wear long sleeves, pants, and wide brim hats. Exposed skin bad news on long hikes in hot weather, but I regularly see people hiking wearing the minimum clothing under the impression that's going to keep them much cooler. Some people refuse to be prepared and seek out knowledge. A final point, the last time we did Cathedral Peak was just before the Thomas Fire. We got a late start and it was a hot day. On our descent the sun had set and it became quite difficult to see when crossing the creeks under the canopy of we stopped and took out our headlamps, then continued the last mile to the car. Yeah, we always bring lightweight headlamps, in addition to a few other things, in case something unexpected occurs on hike. People need to be more responsible.

420722 Aug 14, 2020 07:33 PM
Dehydrated Hiker Airlifted from Cathedral Peak

Wow @ 6:49 Who did you blame everything on before orange man bad? It’s been so funny hearing all the different things he is “at fault” for.

kennydinsb Aug 15, 2020 05:19 AM
Dehydrated Hiker Airlifted from Cathedral Peak

As a former medic, I would like to add that people who make poor decisions like hiking in the heat of the day and being underprepared not only risk their lives, but also those of the rescue team. Every time a helicopter rescue is done, especially in a canyon area, there is great risk to the pilot and crew. Before cell phones this was hardly an issue, and these things took care of themselves. Now, people are calling 911 for a sprained ankle.

yacht rocked Aug 15, 2020 06:48 AM
Dehydrated Hiker Airlifted from Cathedral Peak

The introduction of cellphones became a problem at Grand Canyon NP, where hikers called 911 for helo rescues because...whatever. Once people were informed that they would be paying for the rescue ($,$$$.00), they suddenly found they could hike out after all.

jeffj Aug 15, 2020 07:12 AM
Dehydrated Hiker Airlifted from Cathedral Peak

I am an avid hiker and hike in Santa Barbara on average once a week and have also done a lot of big hikes in CA. I am a member of a few social media California hiking groups online that each have 25,000 plus members. This problem is widespread and getting worse (crowded trails, unprepared hikers, and not enough water and knowledge of basic directions).

I hiked Cathedral peak 2 weeks ago and when I was coming down it was probably reaching 90 degrees. The number of new people from out of town asking for directions and attempting to hike up in the mid day heat without enough water and knowing where they were going was mind boggling. At least half of them were obviously from out of town. Also, there are always dozens of hikers asking which way to the falls (Seven Falls) who do not realize the falls are seasonal and dry in the summer and that the Santa Barbara mountains can be in the 90's while the city is in the 70's. I warned every hiker I saw of excessive heat up on the trail but none stopped to rethink their plans. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to this as social media and coronavirus is driving 1000's to California trails. I suspect we will see a couple rescues a month throughout the summer.

ChemicalSuperFreak Aug 15, 2020 07:29 AM
Dehydrated Hiker Airlifted from Cathedral Peak

JEFFJ: Reminds me coming down from Sunrise Lake in Yosemite. Rainstorm on the horizon with hail, and as my wife and I were coming down switchbacks with packs people on flip flops kept heading up the trail with store bought 16 oz. bottles of water asking if this was the way to Clouds Rest, some 8 miles and 4000 feet uphill, at 3 PM.

Ahchooo Aug 15, 2020 09:13 AM
Dehydrated Hiker Airlifted from Cathedral Peak

Recently we were in another part of the state, near a well-used but unmarked trail. Two “hikers” sought us out (we were settled nearby, not hiking) to ask where the trail was, they couldn’t find it, why weren’t there any signs!?!? People are getting used to everything made easy, everything provided for them, no personal preparation required. For decades people have hiked that trail without signage, but so many people today take for granted that the way will be made smooth and easy for them. These people seemed perfectly nice and not stupid; they’ve just been conditioned that even the great outdoors will be easy to navigate.

vvorker Aug 15, 2020 07:27 AM
Dehydrated Hiker Airlifted from Cathedral Peak

What to do you expect for people who pay $1600 for studios, to be smart and not hike on hottest day of the year...they just want to get there money's worth before the coming evictions clear out the one who lack good judgment. Kinda of like getting in shape for living down in the trees near the train tracks tri- athalon life style choice!!
Yeah it must of been a real bummer for rescue crew, it was brutal the heat!!

a-1597507541 Aug 15, 2020 09:05 AM
Dehydrated Hiker Airlifted from Cathedral Peak

Last year a group of us did the trail to the top of LaCumbre Peak and back. Except for me, the group was agile and fast and made the round trip in 5 hours. I wasn't in the shape for a fast trip in the heat and it took a while. Never thought about rescue, but came to realize that sometimes we are too overconfident, even if well prepared with proper clothing, hydration and food. Nine hours later I came out with a life lesson. Perhaps these rescued folks will too.

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