Woman Arrested for DUI and Assaulting Officers

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Source; Santa Barbara Police Department

On Friday, July 3rd, 2020, at approximately 1840 hours, Santa Barbara Police Officers responded to the 400 block of De La Vina Street for a hit and run that just occurred.  A citizen witness called 911 and advised that a green Subaru had just rammed into a parked vehicle several times and fled the scene. 

The suspect was identified as Alexi Kirchner, age 32 of Santa Barbara. Kirchner was arrested for 245(a)(1) PC/Assault with Deadly Weapon, 69 PC/Assault on Peace Officer, 594(b)(1) PC/Felony Vandalism, 273.5(a) PC/Domestic Battery, 148(a)(1) PC/Resist Peace Officer, and 23152(a)/(b) VC/ DUI.


Officer arrived and determined through witness statements that the green Subaru had rammed an occupied vehicle with one victim. The occupied vehicle then collided with a parked vehicle on the street.  As Officers were interviewing the victim, who had a prior relationship with Kirchner, the green Subaru returned to the scene being driven by Kirchner.

Kirchner drove towards Officers, while revving her engine at a high rate of speed. Officers had to quickly step out of the way of Kirchner's green Subaru to prevent getting hit by the vehicle. Officers told Kirchner to stop, to which she used her middle finger to gesture at Officers, before making a right onto West Haley Street, driving east.

West Gutierrez Street is a one-way street, for traffic travelling west. Kirchner was driving east, the wrong way on West Gutierrez Street. Additional Officers saw Kirchner's vehicle make a left onto State Street, from West Gutierrez Street, to travel north onto the 400 block of State Street. Two marked patrol cars were able to block Kirchner from travel any further northbound into the temporarily closed State Street promenade.

Once stopped, Kirchner was taken into custody and several empty cans of beer with located inside of the front passenger area. While being transported in rear seat of a patrol car, Kirchner became very combative and began to kick the doors and windows. Officers stopped, and as they opened the door Kirchner kicked several Officers as well as spat on an Officer’s face and N95 mask. Kirchner was ultimately placed in the WRAP restraining device and transported to Santa Barbara County Jail without further incident.

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CoastWatch Jul 06, 2020 07:23 AM
Woman Arrested for DUI and Assaulting Officers

So you cry out "Mental Health" and it releases you from "Personal Responsibility"... This is our "new society. You can try to take out a significant other, random members of the public and run over a cop and the perp is given "a Nod" to move on ... Unbelievable.

SBgal74 Jul 05, 2020 11:24 PM
Woman Arrested for DUI and Assaulting Officers

There must be so much more to this story...What in the world was going on with this girl to prompt her to go off the deep end? Sounds like she may be dealing with some very tough stuff. Thankfully she didn’t hurt anyone. Sounds like she needs some serious help. Can’t imagine what her family must be going through.

a-1594042816 Jul 06, 2020 06:40 AM
Woman Arrested for DUI and Assaulting Officers

Agree, she needs serious help because she is a serious menace to society! She showed lots of layers of not caring about others during this escapade, as well as not caring about herself and her own future! She could have killed people with that car.

a-1593973768 Jul 05, 2020 11:29 AM
Woman Arrested for DUI and Assaulting Officers

"Kirchner drove towards Officers, while revving her engine at a high rate of speed."
That is attempted murder. Let's hope that she's not out free for a long time.

a-1594042694 Jul 06, 2020 06:38 AM
Woman Arrested for DUI and Assaulting Officers

Agree, attempted murder. If the officers hadn't of moved out of the way they very well could have been killed. Under the influence of what I wonder. And if there are mental issues on top of it and what the plan is to get her help before she kills innocent people...

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