Fireworks Cause Structure Fire in Goleta

Fireworks Cause Structure Fire in Goleta title=
Fireworks Cause Structure Fire in Goleta
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Photos: SBCFD

By edhat staff

Santa Barbara County Firefighters were able to save a house after the use of fireworks caused an attached carport on fire Saturday evening.

At 9:50 p.m., crews responded to the 6200 block of Westmoreland in Goleta for a reported structure fire. Upon arrival crews made an aggressive attack that kept the fire in check, preventing it from spreading into the attic and attached home, which was the direction of the burning fire, said Captain Daniel Bertucelli.

It was determined the cause of the fire was due to fireworks. 

Firefighters are performing salvage operations and mopping up the scene to ensure the fire is completely out. 


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Bodyboarder73 Jul 06, 2020 07:02 AM
Fireworks Cause Structure Fire in Goleta

I think most people on both sides enjoy fireworks. Just not being launched into their houses and potentially causing their house to burn down. Their are safer places to launch them other than over a neighborhood.

PitMix Jul 06, 2020 09:37 AM
Fireworks Cause Structure Fire in Goleta

Professional fireworks are launched with compressed air. Homegrown firewards are launched with gunpowder and are more toxic. Yet another reason to come up with a different way to show how much you love this country.

REX OF SB Jul 06, 2020 09:51 AM
Fireworks Cause Structure Fire in Goleta

Would fire investigators care to comment on how this fire actually started, i.e., who is believed to have set off the fireworks in question; specifically, the house's occupant(s), or neighbors? They seem to be strangely quiet about this.

rubyfoo Jul 06, 2020 10:55 AM
Fireworks Cause Structure Fire in Goleta

I learned from a neighbor of the incident that parents supervised their little kids in setting off sparklers. The parents then disposed of them in a barbecue pit, and their heat later set fat drippings on fire with no one present.

sacjon Jul 06, 2020 04:57 PM
Fireworks Cause Structure Fire in Goleta

11:57 - How does that sound "strange?" Hot grease can pose quite a risk. And to the person here or the other thread, this is exactly why setting off a firework is not always negligence per se. The law was enacted to prevent errant fireworks and sparks from causing fires, not to prevent hot grease in a bbq igniting. Not going into a per se argument, but just had to bring it up. I bet NONE of you thought it was as innocent as this, if it is true. Assumptions folks, you all know what they go to u and me....


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