Central Coast Crafters Donate Hand-Sewn Masks

Central Coast Crafters Donate Hand-Sewn Masks title=
Central Coast Crafters Donate Hand-Sewn Masks
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By edhat staff

A Central Coast fabric company is shifting gears to produce face masks with a group of crafty volunteers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cynthia Mann, the owner of Birch Organic Fabric in Paso Robles, saw a need for masks and immediately went to work. Her company has donated fabric, created template instructions, and donated employee time to help with the creation of masks for local healthcare providers in the wake of COVID-19 demand. Their customer base is made up of sewers who are also getting behind the cause with mask creation.

“This truly has been an amazing outpouring of collaboration and support from our clients and our community. The fact that we’re truly making a difference here locally and nationally for the fight against COVID-19 is an amazing feeling for all of us,” said Mann.

Sewers and crafters residing in Atascadero, Arroyo Grande, Nipomo, and Paso Robles have joined forces to meet the need. Small business owner and mother of two Ellie Kelley is not only sewing over 100 masks from home but is also coordinating with home sewers on this project. “We currently have 6-10 crafters sewing up to 200 masks each and the number and demand is growing as this pandemic continues to worsen,” Kelley said. 

At least 80% of everything created will be used in local hospitals and supportive industries related to patient care. Mann confirmed the Assistant Director at Twin Cities Hospital in Templeton reached out with a request for masks. “It’s not just doctors and nurses on the front line that we’re helping support. We’re making masks for respiratory therapists, homebirth midwives, physical therapists, housekeepers, phlebotomists, cooks, and more," said Mann.

The local sewers also coordinate with a Facebook group called "Sew the Curve Flat" that provides resources for sewers and the facilities that need them.

Anyone is invited to get involved and help, whether its donating materials, sewing experience, or both. A free pattern is posted on the Birch Fabric website and sewers are encouraged to contact Ellie Kelley to coordinate efforts at 805-674-1307. 

Additionally, Birch Fabrics is accepting financial donations to be put towards fabric purchases to create masks for hospital donations. Those who wish to make a donation can contact Birch Fabric at 805-296-3297 or https://birchfabrics.com/contact/.


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a-1586223184 Apr 06, 2020 06:33 PM
Central Coast Crafters Donate Hand-Sewn Masks

I agree I am 82 asthmatic and have cardiac problems. I have to shop for groceries and am using an old (Thomas fire) n95 mask. I don't sew and would gladly purchase one of these!!!


ChemicalSuperFreak Apr 06, 2020 07:30 PM
Central Coast Crafters Donate Hand-Sewn Masks

You should try and get as much mileage out of the old N-95 as possible, because this is no substitute, particularly with your age and pre-existing conditions. Also, any chance you could ask someone else to do the shopping for you? I'm sincerely concerned for you.

a-1586190158 Apr 06, 2020 09:22 AM
Central Coast Crafters Donate Hand-Sewn Masks

That's wonderful!!! They look beautiful, too.
(Sure would be nice, also, to have a way to buy/donate for one. I know a senior who's been unable to buy a mask anywhere.)

a-1586240560 Apr 06, 2020 11:22 PM
Central Coast Crafters Donate Hand-Sewn Masks

Perhaps you could make the senior one of these. All you need is a bandana or old T-shirt and two rubber bands.


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