Lost Small Black Dog - DASH

Lost Small Black Dog - DASH

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A small black and brown dachshund/Yorkie mix by the name of Dash has been missing since Saturday, March 17th.

He was last seen on the corner of Castillo and Canon Perdido, where neighbor Tammy Gillian witnessed Dash get hit by a van but survived. Gillian posted to "At the rate of speed at which he/she was hit I have no idea how he/she survived. I looked for the dog afterward but he/she was long gone running up Canon Perdido towards State."

Dash is male, neutered and is about 8.5 pounds. He is black and brown with long grey wire hair as well. He has two white toenails, one on each right paw.

His owner, Olivia Davi, has been looking endlessly for him all over the West Side of Santa Barbara. Gillian reported that Dash was wearing his collar when he ran away from the accident. It is a teal/blue collar with a blue tag that says DASH and has Olivia's phone number on it.

If found please call Olivia at 831-915-3836 or take him to the closest pet hospital and have the staff contact her immediately.

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Monday, March 19, 2018
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