Carpinteria Valley welcomes its own radio station

Carpinteria Valley welcomes its own radio station
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Carpinteria Valley Radio is on the air! The city that boasts “The World’s Safest Beach” now has an online radio presence to call its own, Carpinteria Valley Radio.

“Carpinteria is evolving into an exciting new phase in its history, and it occurred to me that the people who live there could use more information,” said Dennis Mitchell, Carpinteria Valley Radio founder. “They have access to South Coast news outlets, and now this service will provide timely traffic information and other updates 24/7 specific to Carpinteria.”

Programming includes local news, traffic updates, and discussion of Carpinteria-related issues every weekday morning from 7 to 9, followed by variety of music, gardening, ocean preservation, wine, pet care, surfing, cannabis, and cooking shows.

A veteran broadcaster, Mitchell is well known for his syndicated Breakfast with the Beatles radio show and previously served as the Program Director at KYTD in Santa Barbara. During his time at KTYD he noticed that Carpinteria doesn’t always get detailed news coverage from media outlets in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, inspiring him to begin Carpinteria Valley Radio.

“The goal is to be able to deliver programming on AM or FM, once the FCC starts accepting new station applications again,” noted Mitchell.

Carpinteria Valley Radio streams from its website,, and features local programs such as “Something To Carp About,” “Cannabis Talk By the Sea,” “Surf the World’s Safest” and “In and Around Carpinteria,” with more local programming on the way. Inquiries regarding programming and advertising are welcome at (805) 500-3144, or by using the input form at the website.

About Carpinteria Valley Radio
Broadcasting from Rincon Hill, Carpinteria Valley Radio is the locals go-to source for news, information, and entertainment. For more information, visit For inquiries on programming and advertising, call (805) 500-3134 or use the input form on the website.

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