This Coffee Table Book Celebrates the Golden Age of Comic Books

“The Wonderful Comic Books of Kenneth Landau”

Santa Barbara California February 2nd 2024

Fans of the golden age of comic books have a new reason to rejoice with the release of

“The Wonderful Comic Books of Kenneth Landau.” Author Maranee Landau.


This captivating coffee table book pays homage to the illustrious career of

comic book artist Kenneth Landau, showcasing his iconic work and celebrates

the timeless charm of the golden age. Spanning decades of creative brilliance,

“The Wonderful Comic Books of Kenneth Landau” offers readers a visually stunning

journey through Landau’s rich artistic legacy.


From the fascinating characters to the vibrant illustrations, each page is a testament to Landau’s unparalleled talent and profound impact on the comic book industry.

“This book is a labor of love dedicated to preserving the legacy of Kenneth Landau and commemorating the golden age of comic books,” says Maranee, daughter of Landau and book author.


“Through Ken Landau’s remarkable artwork, readers will experience the magic and wonder that captivated generations of comic book enthusiasts.” Featuring rare artwork, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and insightful commentary, “The Wonderful Comic Books of Kenneth Landau” is a must-have for comic book aficionados, collectors, and anyone with a passion for the art form.

Whether reminiscing about beloved classics or discovering Landau’s work for the first time, readers are sure to be enchanted by the nostalgia and creativity that define this timeless collection.

“We are thrilled to present this extraordinary tribute to Kenneth Landau and the golden age of comic books,” says Publishers at BearManor Media.


“The Wonderful Comic Books of Kenneth Landau” is now available for purchase through Amazon online. For more information, visit or contact via email at Also find through our Facebook and Instagram pages Kenneth Landau for both.



About the writer:

Maranee Landau the only daughter of Kenneth Landau is a passionate writer and avid comic book enthusiast dedicated to preserving the rich history of his work.

She has also written a complete Biography on her father, Kenneth and his life which will be published this year. The ups and downs of a comic book artist struggling in the early 50’s is truth positive of the challenges of the Golden Age of Comic Books.


For media inquiries, please contact: Maranee Landau at

 cell number (805) 722-0107


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