Scorpion Anchorage is Open!

After over a year of closure, the most popular Channel Islands destination is once again open to the public. The main visitors’ area and kayaking destination has reopened with a new, longer pier with improved accessibility. With ferry boat service beginning, kayaking tours will be resuming on the islands.

Michael Cohen, owner of Santa Barbara Adventure Company, voiced his enthusiasm for the reopening, “After such a challenging year of ongoing crisis we cannot be more pleased to see this magical place opening again. We have really missed the island, the camping, the foxes — and are looking forward to getting guests out to the sea caves.” Scorpion Anchorage is a world class kayaking destination, featuring great wildlife viewing and sea caves.

Kayaking tours are available for booking now at or by calling 805-884-9283.

Santa Barbara Adventure Company also offers guest snorkeling rentals for their visit or book a tour. Kayaking tours run from $112 to $210 per adult. Advanced reservations are highly recommended for all tours. Ferry boat space is limited and required for transport to Santa Cruz Island.

About Scorpion Cove at Channel Islands National Park
Scorpion Anchorage (Cove) is the most visited destination in Channel Islands National Park. The area attracts both day trippers and campers offering hiking, snorkeling, kayaking and a visitors’ center. With fantastic views of the Pacific and an island rich with history, Channel Islands National Park is home to hundreds of unique plants and animals including the island fox and scrub-jay, found nowhere else in the world.

About Santa Barbara Adventure Company
Santa Barbara Adventure Company, family owned since 1998, has been the premier adventure travel outfitter on the central coast while serving thousands of guests every year. They are committed to creating unforgettable adventures of the highest quality, focusing on the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside and coastal waters. Their knowledgeable and friendly guides offer exceptional service and share with guests a side of the Central Coast few visitors ever get to experience.

The Santa Barbara Adventure Company has operated mainland tours throughout the pandemic with increased sanitation and social distancing requirements for guests; all employees are routinely screened and PPE is required for checking & during transportation to the islands. Passenger load limits on the ferry to Channel Islands National Park have been reduced to better facilitate social distancing. Additional information and tour reservations can be found at Santa Barbara Adventure Company’s website. For questions, please contact Kim Vawter at (805) 884-9283 or email


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