EssayHub Review: A Profound Research by Susan Anne Mason On Writing Services, Pricing Policies and Authors’ Professionalism

By Susan Anne Mason

Discover the world of assignment writing services with Susan Anne Mason as she studies EssayHub, diving into its services, experts and so on. See whether the platform meets your requirements in her detailed EssayHub review.

Hello everyone, Susan Anne Mason here. I’m happy to open the world of writing to you: over the years of experience, I have studied the most diverse styles and approaches, and today I invite you to explore essay writing services with me. Below, you will find my observations regarding one of the market leaders, EssayHub. Since the platform is gaining momentum, I’d like to study it from A to Z.

Why EssayHub? This service has brilliant feedback from customers and is rapidly increasing its popularity. Sounds intriguing, right? Therefore, I analyzed what EssayHub has to offer and I hope that this information will help you make a decision regarding which service to trust.

I also want to emphasize that I have no affiliations with EssayHub. My mission is to provide the most honest and detailed report possible so that you are well aware of all possible pros and cons. So, let’s start exploring EssayHub: we will see whether the service lives up to its reputation.

Wide Selection of Services

The first thing we will explore on the EssayHub webpage is the available services. The menu has a wonderful variety, from admission papers to dissertations and theses to typical college essays. Academic levels cover high school and college up to doctoral studies.

Another point that draws attention is the opportunity to entrust authors with voluminous academic projects that include plenty of requirements. This is quite valuable in the writing services market since not all platforms complete such complex tasks.

A big plus is that EssayHub services include rewriting, editing and proofreading. This is ideal for students who have finished their work but need some finishing touches. A professional writer certainly has a fresh eye and unique perspective to help make the work well-structured, easy to perceive and error-free. Great readability and high quality are key to ensuring the paper will stand out from the crowd.

I can’t help but mention that the authors adhere to the requirements and comments of each customer. All this to say, EssayHub meets a wide variety of academic needs.

Team of Authors

First of all, any writing platform is all about writers, of course. Each author goes through a strict selection process and must have an excellent understanding of specific academic areas.

I chose an assignment that required deep knowledge, namely a thesis topic for master’s thesis in business administration. The final result was an insightful paper with excellent analysis and a reliable source base. All data was supported by examples from world practice and the references were chosen perfectly, which means that the author was capable of writing complex academic assignments.

The expert I interacted with was professional and attentive to detail, but of course, each customer’s experience is unique. The best you can do is provide detailed and clear instructions so that the writer fully understands what is expected of them.

Glimpse On User-Experience

The structure of the site is very easy to perceive, so navigation won’t be difficult. The ordering process consists of simple steps, and you can always reach out to the support team via chat or email.

Not everything is perfect though. I could use a more detailed FAQ section. Plus, I found a few formatting inaccuracies so EssayHub still has some work to do.

Overall the user experience is quite good. The main advantages are an easy-to-understand design, a simple ordering process and pleasant customer service.

Absolute Confidentiality

Here comes the main question – does EssayHub care about your privacy? After analyzing all the services, I can confirm that the platform is absolutely legitimate. Attentive customer support, high quality of the most complex academic papers and complete transparency definitely create a positive reputation.

Moreover, a variety of secure payment methods are very important for customers. Together with the great privacy policy, this adds to the image of a reliable and user-friendly platform.

Review Of Pricing Policies

Of course, when choosing a writing platform, you should see whether the price matches the quality and whether the prices are affordable. EssayHub sets them depending on the deadline and type of work. Writing services start at $10.8 per page, rewriting at $7.99/page, editing at $5 per page, and proofreading at $3 per page. Considering the market standards, the prices are very reasonable, especially when it comes to editing.

By the way, a price calculator is available. You can simply enter all the requirements and see what the final price will be. Students who have a limited budget can take advantage of promotional campaigns and discounts, including promo codes. Of course, the prices for larger tasks are a little higher, but given the excellent quality of the work, this approach is quite fair.

Pros And Cons Of Customer Support

In addition to the quality of the services provided, the support that accompanies you throughout the entire journey is crucial. My experience interacting with the team was really pleasant since all my requests were addressed and I received comprehensive answers.

However, one thing that may need further consideration is adding a phone support feature. This would speed up the process for clients with limited time. Fortunately, this weakness is easily compensated by the professionalism of the support team.

After reading the EssayHub reviews, I came to the conclusion that users are satisfied with the communication. Although more direct methods (via phone) wouldn’t hurt.

Possibility of Reviews and Refunds

Interaction with a writing service doesn’t finish when you get the completed assignment. The next step is to check the text for compliance with the requirements and request changes if necessary. EssayHub offers an unlimited number of reviews since the focus is on customer satisfaction.

A big advantage is that the platform offers a reliable refund policy. This is a signal that the company values those who turn to it for help and want to meet their needs as much as possible. I didn’t have to ask for a refund, but as far as I see, this policy is absolutely fair. And this is another argument in favor of EssayHub.


And the last point to research is the order completion time. In fact, a really good service always adheres to deadlines because this is one of the reasons why students seek help. When they have a lot of other tasks to do, they want a professional to get the job done on time for them. relying on my own experience, I can say that the platform really completed the assignment within the mentioned time frames.

Moreover, there was extra time to re-read the content carefully. Such punctuality makes an incredible impression. In general, more complex tasks require more time and this makes sense. Of course, you need to take into account the workload of a particular author.

I really appreciated that EssayHub takes comments and suggestions into account, sticks to deadlines, and supports you along the way.

The Overall Review On EssayHub And Its Services

I examined many points that reveal the core of EssayHub and came to the conclusion that their services are really high quality and correspond to the established prices. User-friendly interface, a variety of academic papers of any complexity, adherence to deadlines and a willingness to answer any question create an excellent reputation of the platform.

Yes, some areas still need improvement (for example, making a FAQ section more profound and introducing telephone support), but the strengths of the platform still come to the fore. What sets the platform apart from the crowd of similar ones is its transparent policies and honesty. The quality of services is really very pleasing, as the authors are true professionals in their field. Without a doubt, the best way to see it for yourself is to reach out to the service.

Author Bio: Susan Anne Mason is an incredibly experienced writer in any field. She can handle anything, be it a business proposal, fiction, or blog posts. When it comes to creating content, Susan is detail-oriented. Her enormous passion for writing makes her works truly unique. She also assists others in improving their writing skills and lifts the curtain of content creation for a variety of audiences.


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