Broadway star Cristy Candler launches OF SOUND BODY, offering healing through yoga, sound and energy work

Broadway star Cristy Candler launches OF SOUND BODY, offering healing through yoga, sound and energy work
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For more than a decade, Cristy Candler wowed audiences as a professional dancer, Broadway star and fitness model, seamlessly moving from lead roles in popular musicals to television appearances to photo shoots in major magazines.

Through it all, Candler stayed grounded physically, mentally, and spiritually by embracing another set of passions: yoga, sound healing and energy work. She practiced these modalities herself, studied with some of the best yoga masters in New York City, and taught yoga to the Broadway community, at yoga studios and at major companies.

Now, after leaving New York and returning to her hometown of Santa Barbara, Candler has launched a new business - OF SOUND BODY - to share these transformative practices with others. Clients can book a variety of individual and group sessions with Candler, including yoga classes, nature walks, sound bathing, and decluttering assistance for home and office spaces.

"OF SOUND BODY is the synthesis of decades of somatic work I have done as a dancer, yogi, and mover. My intention is to embody and share grounded practices for healing," said Candler. "I believe we each have the potential to right ourselves, to find alignment in our bodies and harmony in our surroundings. I see my work as a way to help each person discover and unlock the healer within."

Candler holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Theater from Loyola Marymount University. Her performance credits include roles in Broadway hits such as Aida, Wicked, Chicago, and Rock of Ages, appearances at the Superbowl, on the Tony Awards shows, at Madison Square Garden, and at The Kennedy Center. She has modeled for Yoga Journal, Body & Soul, and Real Simple magazines.

As a yoga practitioner and movement specialist, Candler studied the Jivamukti method with renowned teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life and has taught yoga in a wide range of settings, including to office workers, seniors, children, and even African tribes in Swaziland. She holds certifications and accreditations in Advanced Crystal SoundEnergyT, Restorative Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Laughing Lotus Yoga and Interior Alignment.

Through OF SOUND BODY, Candler offers private traditional yoga classes and nature walks for individuals and groups at the location of their choice. She also teaches her signature method, Heart Beat Flow, a combination of yoga and dance that joyfully focuses on freedom and intention of movement.

Individual and group sound healing sessions provide clients with an experience of profound relaxation and meditation. These experiences can be customized to individual needs and have been used by athletes, artists, and professionals to help optimize performance, recovery, innovation, and productivity.

Candler's space work offerings include interior alignment and decluttering consultations to help clients create better harmony and flow in their home or office; ritual space cleansing for new homeowners or anyone going through a major transition that requires removing stagnant energy from past events and experiences; and home staging for real estate sales.

For more information about OF SOUND BODY or to book an appointment
online with Cristy Candler visit Candler can also be reached via email at or at (917) 922.7488.

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