Bringing Awareness to Alzheimer’s: GranVida Tackles Alzheimer’s Head-On

Bringing Awareness to Alzheimer’s: GranVida Tackles Alzheimer’s Head-On
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Alzheimer’s is a difficult disease that affects the lives around the person who is fighting the disease including family and friends. GranVida Senior Living and Memory Care has been proactive in working alongside their senior residents affected by Alzheimer’s through a wide variety of programs and services including their in-house technology, It’s Never 2 Late ® (iN2L).

Granvida’s Medtech Resident Assistant Stephanie Gomez works with senior residents, particularly those who are fighting Alzheimer’s and says she sees a number of common characteristics among residents who have Alzheimer’s. “Often, senior residents will forget where they’re at or it may be a different time for them whether it’s in the past being married or needing to pick up their kids from school,” said Gomez.

Gomez offers a few tips for people who think they may be suffering from Alzheimer’s:
• Communicating with family members
• Being open with people who are helping you
• Not being embarrassed to ask for help

GranVida also keeps a robust life enrichment program including a thoughtfully planned calendar of events tailored to individual cognitive abilities and personal interests, as well as on-site activities. They also offer services for family members caring for loved ones affected by the disease including a monthly meeting with the The Alzheimer’s Association of the Central Coast. “Our goal at GranVida is to surround the senior resident and their family with support and encouragement,” said GranVida Executive Director Catherine Lee. “Our well-trained, compassionate team of caregivers specializes in providing dementia care and Alzheimer’s-specific needs with dignity, with honor and with respect,” said Lee.

Gomez loves her job at GranVida and says it’s very rewarding and knows she is making a difference in the lives of the senior residents. “The senior residents are fantastic and enjoy sharing different stories with us,” said Gomez. “It’s experiences like that and the little things that count to know I am making a difference.”

For more information about GranVida, visit their website:

GranVida Senior Living and Memory Care Community is the first senior living community in Carpinteria. GranVida sponsored the 2018 Alzheimer’s Association Walk, while Steadfast has strengthened the platform of the Carpinteria Alzheimer’s Support Group.

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