Boutique du Magique Open at Montecito’s Magic Castle Cabaret for the Holidays

Boutique du Magique Open at Montecito’s Magic Castle Cabaret for the Holidays
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Gifts Are as Easy as Abracadabra at the  Magic Castle Cabaret Gift Shop Through Dec. 31

Pssssst, I’ve got a tip for you.  There’s a sweet little boutique down Montecito way created by Arlene Larsen, co-founder of the Magic Castle Cabaret, longtime partner of Hollywood’s Magic Castle founder, Milt. She invites you to come discover a special gift at the Magic Castle Cabaret’s Gift Shop. Unleashing her creative talents by decorating the Cabaret for the holidays and as a costumer, embellishing masks and face shields to go with any holiday outfit you can only find here.  She said, “We’re going to have to wear masks for a while so we may as well have fun doing it and with style!”  The Gift Shop for the private club is now open to the public through December 31.  30 Los Patos Way, Montecito, 93108. Masks are mandatory. Shop is small so we have to limit the number of people allowed in. We ask you for your patience. Tuesdays through Saturday from 11:30am to 4pm you are welcome to come by and buy something special in this boutique du magique.  

 Magic Castle Cabaret in Montecito is the intimate, jewel box size version of the renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood. The space was once the Café Del Sol, a well-known watering hole across from another watering hole for the feathered crowd, the Andree Clark Bird Refuge.  

What’s in the Gift Shop you ask? It’s packed with unique holiday ornaments and decorations, all sorts of baubles, bangles and beads oh my!  Pins, earrings, necklaces and bracelets to beautiful ankle-length sequined coats and short  jackets.  Find fun items for children and men too. Fans of Goth and horror films will dig this place.

How about a mask to go with your holiday outfit? Masks and face shields have been embellished with style by Arlene Larsen, who is a member of the Hollywood Costumers Guild. She’s designed show stopping miniature hats on headbands with feathers, florals and netting, along with evening styled barrettes and combs for you to make your own for a very reasonable price. Arlene is charmed when it comes to threads and rhinestones… a stitch witch in action. 

Don’t miss the glass case, where you’ll find a limited number of pieces from the Magic Castle gift shop in Hollywood. Books on the Magic Castle, magic-themed ties, cards, emblems, figurines, knick-knacks and tchotchkes. Abracadabra you’re bound to find a gift. 

Members of MCC get a 10% discount in the gift shop. Our Facebook page will have updates and photos to enjoy.  Location is 30 Los Patos Way in Montecito at 93108. Call us (805)845-0555.   E-mail: [email protected]

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