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  • Structure Fire Response to 6600 Sueno

    Tagdes reports a structure fire response to the 6600 block of Sueno Road in Isla Vista.

  • Vegetation Fire Hwy 101 at Carrillo

    City Engine 1 can handle for small cooking fire.
  • Police and Helicopter Searching for Suspect on Modoc

    [Update]: SB Police and a helicopter are searching for suspects involved in a pursuit who are now on foot in the 2500 block of Modoc.

  • Traffic Collision with Injury on San Andres

    Tagdes reports a traffic collision with an injury near San Andres and W. Carrillo Streets.

  • Vegetation Fire at Lizards Mouth

    Scanner reporters are following a small brush fire off W. Camino Cielo near Lizard's Mouth.

  • Small Fire in Cuyama

    Tagdes reports a small brush fire in Cuyama off Highway 166.

  • Rollover Traffic Collision on APS

    Tagdes reports a rollover traffic collision near Salinas Street and APS.

  • Vehicle Fire near Dos Pueblos Cyn.

    Tagdes reports a vehicle fire off Highway 101 near Dos Pueblos Canyon.

  • Structure Fire Off San Marcos Pass

    Tagdes reports a structure fire off San Marcos Pass on Via Chaparral.

  • Traffic Collision on Highway 135

    Tagdes reports a traffic collision on Highway 135 at Clark Ave.

  • Gas Leak on Portosuello

    Tagdes reports a gas leak in the 1500 block of Portusello.

  • Traffic Collision Hwy 101 Southbound at Las Positas

    Scanner reporters state a traffic collision took place on Highway 101 southbound at Las Positas.

  • Traffic Collision at Las Positas

    Tagdes reports a traffic collision on Highway 101 northbound at Las Positas.

  • CHP Pursuit on Highway 101 Southbound

    Tagdes reports a CHP pursuit on Highway 101 southbound near Evans.

  • Injured Hikers Rescued from Tunnel Road

    [Update]: Santa Barbara County firefighters rescued two injured hikers off Tunnel Trail Saturday evening.

  • Multiple Response Incident in Santa Maria

    Tagdes reports a multi-medical response at Orcutt Hill Road in Santa Maria.

  • Traffic Collision on Highway 33

    Tagdes reports a vehicle collision in the 2600 block of Highway 33.

  • Vehicle Fire Near Mariposa Reina

    Tagdes reports a vehicle fire on Highway 101 northbound near the Mariposa Reina offramp.

  • High Speed Pursuit on Highway 101

    Tagdes reports law enforcement is engaged in a high-speed pursuit on Highway 101 near Milpas with a BMW.

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