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  • Edhatter Views of the Delta Heavy Launch

    Edhat readers share their photos of the Delta IV Heavy launch from Vandenberg on Saturday afternoon.

  • Assault N. Quarantina and De La Guerra

    Tagdes reports an assault in an Eastside neighborhood.

  • Knife Assault on Carpinteria Street

    Tagdes reports an assault with a knife in the 1100 Carpinteria Street.

  • Brush Fire Off Highway 166

    Tagdes reports a brush fire off Highway 166 and Tepusquet Road.

  • Medical Emergency Above Mission Canyon

    Tagdes reports a medical emergency above Mission Canyon or Rattlesnake Canyone area.

  • Hang Glider Crash at Las Canoas

    Tagdes reports a hang glider crashed off Las Canoas.

  • Hiker Rescue on Tunnel Road

    [Update]: A hiker was rescued from Arlington Peak for a heat-related emergency on Monday afternoon.

  • Vegetation Fire 101 at Tajiguas

    Tagdes reports a brush fire at Highway 101 and Tajiguas.

  • Medical Rescue at Gaviota Peak

    [Update]: Santa Barbara County firefighters responded to a hiker with heat exhaustion at Gaviota Peak.

  • Structure Fire on Veronica Springs Rd.

    Santa Barbara Fire is responding to a structure fire in the 1000 block of Veronica Springs Road.

  • Vegetation Fire on Foothill Rd in Carpenteria

    Tagdes reports a brush fire off Foothill Road in Carpenteria.

  • Brush Fire Bull Canyon

    Tagdes reports a brush fire in Bull Canyon off Highway 166.

  • Ocean Rescue at Stearns Wharf

    Tagdes reports an ocean rescue off Stearns Wharf.

  • Pursuit from 101 at Ontare

    Sheriff and Police are pursuing a vehicle from Highway 101 at Ontare.

  • Garbage Truck Fire Near Ellwood

    [Update]: Santa Barbara County Firefighters responded to a garbage truck that caught fire in the 500 block of Coronado in Goleta on Wednesday.

  • Police Presence on W. Alamar

    Santa Barabra Police are responding to a reported assault on W. Alamar Street in Santa Barbara.

  • Vehicle accident on Hwy 154 at Painted Cave Rd.

    County Fire, LPNF and AMR responding.
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