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  • Backpacking in the Sierras

    Every year Tom is reminded how much fun it is to get offline, off the grid and out of the comfort zone, even just for a short while.

  • Maria Ygnacia Creek: Fresh Goleta History

    Here's a little bit of refreshing local history from a Chumash point of view.

  • Whittier Fire Close to Broadcast Peak

    Tom shares photos of the Whittier Fire getting dangerously close to Broadcast Peak.

  • Figueroa Mountain Hike

    Tom Modugno shares awesome photos from his Figueroa Mountain hike with the gang.

  • Unchanged: the Wonders of Nature

    Check out this inspiring short video of a recent and not so recent trip to the desert with family and friends.

  • Farren Road

    Tom follows his curiosity to his biggest history challenge yet, the farmers and story behind Farren Road. 

  • Across the Channel

    Tom explores Goleta's own front yard on his serene trip to Santa Rosa Island.

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