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  • Old School Surfing

    Tom highlights the old school surfing style of Goleta.

  • Travels to Oregon

    Tom shares photos of a recent trip to Oregon.

  • Riding the Heat Wave

    Tom reflects on lots of beach days, warm water, and for a couple days... some surf!

  • The History of Stephen Rutherford

    We never heard too much about Stephen Rutherford, but the more we looked, the more we found.

  • Central Coast Weekend

    Do you know what the big M on Madonna Peak stands for? Tom says it's not what you think.

  • What’s A Goleta?

    Short answer: It’s a schooner. Why is our town named after a schooner? There are a few schools of thought on that question.

  • Green Grass Mountain

    Grass Mountain is that big pyramid that you can see from most of the Santa Ynez Valley, and you can tell when there's a good bloom going.

  • Pimpin' Mother Nature

    We are blessed to live near the largest stretch of undeveloped coastline remaining in Southern California, the Gaviota Coast.

  • Micro Manager

    Professional surfer Cole Robbins can make a marginal day of tiny surf look like an epic session, and Zach Brown takes it to another level with his video skills.

  • Off the Beaten Path

    ​Just about every Spring we turn our backs to the ocean and head to the desert, just for a short visit and a change of pace. This year we had a great trip and the tradition continues.

  • Figueroa Mountain Hike

    Tom shares photos from a recent hike up Figueroa Mountain.

  • The Birth of Haskells Pier

    The pier at Haskells beach has been in the background for all our lives. Who knew its creation was so dramatic?

  • Clean Lines, Dirty Water

    Tom recounts the surfing and water conditions following the Montecito Mudslide last month.

  • Winchester’s Secret

    In the last update, we learned about Doctor Winchester, but when I dug a little deeper into the accusations that Pearl Chase reportedly made about his drug addiction, I stumbled upon an intriguing story that may or may not be "fake news."

  • Day of Destruction

    Tom Modugno reflects on a day that will never be forgotten... and not because of the surf.

  • The Good Doctor Winchester

    The Winchester Canyon is a beautiful reminder of a man that spent most of his life serving the people of the Santa Barbara area.

  • Ash and Water

    2017 ended in a puff of smoke for Goleta, so here's to a wet and swell 2018 from Goleta Surfing.

  • Black Friday Surf

    When Black Friday comes, a lot of people head for the malls, but Tom Modugno went a different direction and enjoyed the ride.
  • Backpacking in the Sierras

    Every year Tom is reminded how much fun it is to get offline, off the grid and out of the comfort zone, even just for a short while.

  • Maria Ygnacia Creek: Fresh Goleta History

    Here's a little bit of refreshing local history from a Chumash point of view.

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